Arley was sold, and although the real estate services provider Savills did not say who bought it, local reports indicate it was bought by Ferrell. Contracts have

Have you ever bought shares in a holiday home- at home or abroad, including mobile ones, like a motor home or canal boat? What kind of price did you pay, and what would you consider reasonable?

Investing in a time share is a great way to invest money as long as you pick the right property and have VERY dependable co-signers.

The amount you invest should be your percentage of investment. For example if the property is $300,000 and you have 6 Co-investors, your investment should not be more than $50,000. Unless you all agree that you have primary interest. It’s much like being the “owner” of a company when you have 51% shares.

Talk to an investment company if you have more questions. There are fees for insurance and legal fees.