While real estate experts focus often on property, over time they learn that while property is important, it’s really about being able to build excellent working

Which was the first country to implement GST and why?

France: The first country to implement GST in 1954.

GST, a uniform tax regime, replaces all other indirect taxes such as VAT, Excise and Service Tax. The business of real estate development is categorized as a service under the GST regime. A real estate developer is required to register as provider of “construction services.”

Any disruption is never easy. Implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in other countries has been accompanied by protests, inflation spikes, compliance burdens on small businesses and more, at least in the short term.

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GST is hailed as the most significant tax reform since India gained independence. Not only is it the most talked about tax issue in recent times, but is also the most awaited in the Indian market especially in the fast developing cities such as Ahmedabad. Good investment opportunities in real estate in Ahmedabad stand to benefit out of this tax.

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