With a relatively low cost of living and population growth projections that outstrip other U.S. cities by two times, Dallas-Fort Worth has been named the top real

What are the top five rental real estate markets in the U.S.? And why?

There are a lot of ways to measure the best market – but here are some rental markets that I hear investors talk about frequently:


I know people who are fans of the Southeast (Louisville, Raleigh) and investors who are passionate about Texas. But it comes down to what you’re comfortable with, and your goals as an investor. Some markets are better for appreciation, some are better for cash-on-cash return (lower priced properties with

When you research this topic, one word of caution:yYou’ll see lists of “top real estatemarkets on sites like Forbes, but those lists are typically evaluating the markets with the highest appreciation over the last year. Higher appreciation is good news if you already own a property, but not be a factor if you want to purchase – just because the market appreciated last year doesn’t mean it will.