Vancouver and Toronto have been supplanted by Montreal as having the Canada’s hottest real estate market. “Montreal has been a very healthy market for a

How hard is it to migrate to Canada after studying architecture at UBC?

First accept the fact that ‘legal’ immigration to Canada for educated professionals has become tougher than it was before. If you are a plumber / cook / gardener, you might have it easier. But as an architect, check if this is a job profile that Canada has a shortage of. If so, you are in luck. If not, read on…

Coming to Canada for a educational degree in Canada is a ‘smoother’ way of immigration – if not cheap(as education is expensive). But if you are doing your degree at a good ‘certified’ educational institution – instead of a tier-3 shady one, you will usually get an open work permit (for same approx duration as your degree) once you finish.

Within the duration of this work permit, you will have enough time & opportunity to apply for a PR – and higher chances of being successful.

Getting jobs in Canada is not easy right now, as oil is in the dumps – screwing the economy. But housing is still on a high and poised to grow more, so options in architecture might be higher!

The hottest real estate market in Canada is definitely the west coast (British Columbia), so you are going to the right place. So, nothing is for sure, but your chances of success are high!! Talk to the alumni similar to you from your prospective school to know the real situation. Best of Luck!