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How do I get acquainted and make friends with native English speakers as a Chinese person?

You have to hang out in the same places as foreigner hang out. That means coffee shops and fast food restaurants during the day and bars or nightclubs in the evening.

Don’t come on too strong. Foreigner who are here longer than just a holiday, get rather tiered on people wanting to learn English and get a free class. You have to ease yourself into our circle of friends or else you’ll get stonewalled. Also you have to give something into the relationship too or again stonewalled.

When I first meat you, I don’t want to give you my phone number. I don’t want to give you my QQ or email or any other info. Don’t ask for it. If I like you or have some reason to keep in-touch with you, then I’ll volunteer that info. In fact on the first meeting, don’t expect to get anything at all. You should be happy that the foreigner left without thinking you are a creep that needs to be avoided.

It really takes more than one meeting to make friends. If the foreigner is here long term, he will probably hang out the same place at the same time. Frequent that place and your paths will cross repeatedly. Each time you meet in a casual way, you can build on the relationship so that perhaps on the 3rd or 4th meeting you ask for my QQ or invite me to something.

What to talk about? Foreigner get bored of the same old question again and again. Here is a short list of novel things that you can ask:

Do you come here often?
What other bars/cafes do you go to?
If the coffee/beer good here?
Do you like this song? (Assuming there is some background music.)
What do you think about (insert famous person/place/event/new item here)?
I went to (insert place) last week/year, have you been there?
I watched (insert movie) yesterday, have you see it?
I want to go/see/eat/try something/place have you done that?

Don’t ask too much. Let the conversation be slow and relaxed. Offer as much about yourself as you are asking from them so as not to make it too one sided. If they don’t want to talk, don’t push it. Next time you see them they may be more open and less guarded.

Once you have a contact, you want to start doing things together. Usually I get invited to a restaurant for a dinner. Its nice but there are other things you could do but I never get an invitation. For example: to play a sport such as basketball, football, tennis, fishing. It is nice to be involved in an activity where I can do things rather than just give free English lessons. Perhaps something were the foreigner can gain from you such as to learn Tai Qi, calligraphy, or some other cultural thing.

You want to create the situation where the foreigner will be calling you not you calling him. If your the guy that he plays football with every Thursday evening then your going to see him much more often and interact much more than if your the guy that took him to dinner once.