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Which nations were betrayed by the UK before, during and after WW2?

I was born in England, and was looking forward to enjoying my inheritance there, only to find that a man who tricked and married his way into our family, turns out to have been a nazi scientist hired to work and live in UK. He miss treated me, and abused our family, for many years,and beaten, then cheated half my life and robbed by the English Government who have a “Policy of official denial” and cover up all of this. in one way and then another, i was experimented upon along with other uk and overseas children by a sadistic runaway “nazi doctor who was paid and working for the uk Ministry of defence and the united states programmes.
I feel England and the United states, both countries who allowed these kinds of former nazi men to go and live and work in them, betrayed themselves in one way or another.
England is simply not, as famous actor John Cleese once said about London, “does not feel English anymore”
Let me describe a siutation, and a specific place in the heart of an English city as an example.
Homeless persons are sleeping rough in the park, a nearby religious centre run by rich bosess and snobbish upper class people, proudly displays a giant poster saying” Lets work together to build a fairer world”. But at the same time, has placed nasty “dont place your bags here” warnings signs, to stop desperate homeless people from sleeping there. Beause it embarasses them and spoils their illusion of “fairnes”.
Fairness? We will fairly call the police and they will chuck your homelessness somewhere else less visible, where we cant seeit”.
In the kind of “fair world” this shamefull English religious institution would build, your boss can fire you more “fairly”, the “rules wont be broken” fairly, and you will get criminalised for homelessness and beaten up by the police and neo nazis on the Streets “fairly”.
You will be “fairly mocked” an “fairly a vicitm of their uppr right wing prejudice. Fair enough?
A nearby “house of God” a Church, lies with its vaulted statued crypt, its badly painted, tatty, broken doors are chained back together with a poorly fitted chain, and the doors remain broekn open. In the churhyard there are giant over sized, and poor taste scultures, which are made in bronze. The cost of eachone of these utter pièces of modern art Junk and rubbish would house and feed all those poor homeless people for a long time….
Nearby, on the war mémorial cenotaph, the rosets and wreaths lie in a filthy, tatty, dirty and neglected condition, while swarms of nearby Young people are piss drunk in two naf bars erected by the Council nearby.
Up the road, a NHS flagship hospital works busily overtime to maintain the once proud traditions of English medecine.
There were 65 commando knife violent attks nearby in the last six months of the year, and it is only the seventh monthnow.
Ok where was I standing?
Some run down third world country? No!!! I was standing in St Pancras and near Euston Road in London.
Intellect rot, dis respect for peoples rights, and an over priced useless legal system, along with years of corrupted Tory governments, have allowed things to descend down to a new low standard.
It was this corrupted administration i quit england to avoid, and which allowed the terrifying secret experimetns carried out by a run away nazi doctor to go on, un checked, un detected, and protected. England makes good people into bad vicitms, rewards those who fail in their duties to protect the public, and allows social dumping.
When he finaly died in October 2011 and a fake and lieing obituary was published in th TIMES newspaper, angry and disgusted, i set about trying to expose him and what he REALLY WAS. My house in UK and inheritance GOT stolen by english men so I am going to give an answer that reflects my own experience of England, and its attitude to “foreigners”.
And by the way, if you think the story about that Nazi man is rubbish, it can be checked out online because his secret military work also gets mentioned!!!
I also disclose today for thé FIRST time in public, that thé UK gouvernement hired a nazi germann scientist and hid him in my FAMILY in UK, where in RETURN for his expertise hé was allowed to secretly continue his wartime work of expérimentés on CHILDREN until thé mid 1970’s. Protected by a UK official policy of denial, and strong political allies, thé HERR doktor was protected from exposure. Thé BRITISH RUINED my entire life because of covering up what hé did to me and to other children, and when after hé DIED i TRYD to expose him my fiancée was murdered and me too very very nearly. Thé trouble in my life ENTIRELY stems from this political UK and US cover up
I have given the file on herr doctor to Jewish nazi hunters. People were murdered andburied in lots of places, even my own brother. ANd i do not like that very much, and do not want to live anymore in such a deeitful country.
But many things that i saw and heard in UK are typicaly english attitudes and behaviours.
I was Used…abused, later milk’d dry of my cash, and denied thé same proper pay and conditions as UK people. I have been used by England in their secret ontological, and Artificial intelligence nerve drug programme. And then given NASTY things and Problems to shut me up.
BRITISH soldiers and hit m’en have try’d to MURDER me and driven me out my old RUINED HOUSE in France. First you stole my uk houses, then business, then took the money and goods, and next you send a ex british army runaway Peter Seymour, to carry outa campaing of burglaries and terror aginst any french living uk ex pat, and french families as well. Finaly, after years of terror, runaway british soldier Mr Peter Seymour, finaly was captured and arresstted near SURENS in France.
Along with other british paid “assetts” he has tryd to make my life in europe “hell”, and then try to blame France for all of it.
Its time you BRITISH nazis GOT a dose of your own médecine.
It is a disguting fact that german soldier graves in eastern europe are being regulalry plundered, just so that all of the collectors and admirers of nazi hate and racism , many of them hiding Inside the ranks of the british army, can keep upplied with nazi memorabilia and souvenires. And if you dont believe me? no matter, just search a while online, and sure enough, the articles, and complaints will show up about all this.
I have lived in england, worked there, seen what really “gos on”, especially thé ugly face of thé BRITISH extrême RIGHT, who regulalry promote racist hatred, beatings and violences through so called football crowd trouble, which is really all organised and set up by the english neo nazi far right, who now fill jobs in thé army not just thé streets… and experienced first hand british attitudes towards europeans and so called “foreigners”.
The uk nhs RELIES upon foreign doctors. The uk builders are mainly poles and russians or bulgarians, and if you travel to London, you will soon see, that most of the small hôtels turn out these days to be run by foreign families and workers. Virtualy evry coffee shop, bar or restaurant or pubin London now has a numbe of foreing people working in them.
I have worked in the uk for many many years, and had English friends and relatives, but over time, the country has changed, and the last time we visited, we saw first hand armed ante terror police raceing by our restaurant, and later we were told a violent knife attack had occurred nearby. Apparently, since january this year, in the London area, there have been over 65 violent knife attacks or likkings alone.
It does very much seem britans multi cultural society is falling to pièces, and our own experience of what happens now in London, makes us hesitate to come ever again.
Britain recently spoke on French television, of having “global ambitions”.
Britans global ambitions currently include voteing for a BREXIT, whilest most of its own citizens were completely clueless to what this really meant (and still seem to be slow wakeing up to the consequences). or, even to change that oriinal so called vote, is consistently being denied to its own people.
This is not democracy, like the cover up over the work of the runaway nazi herr doctor, and his government protected evil experiments on children, the uk government also operates a Policy of “official denial” of the right to vote or hold any second referendum over Brexit.
High court judges who voted aginst, are now labelled as “enemies” of the people by the right wing tory backed daily mail newspaper.
The vote has been shown to be rigged, un democratic, and the democratic lawfull right to take a second vote on the referendum,
The mass alcoholisation of the english population since the labour Government, many of whom remain un employed in yet another “recession”, is a return to the “old ways” of keeping the let down and betrayed uk populace under some sort of control. It used to be cheap gin to drink, now it is cheap Beer….and endless violent punch ups in one english saturday night city after another.
If you go to central London on a friday night, near to St Pancras Church, and the war cenotaph mémorial, you will see the drunken, shouting and foolish people who now make up by far the great majority, and the silent sombre sttues of the soldiers and sailors who fought and died aginst the nazis, all look silently on, with their heads bowed in respect, but now, i will say, also with utter DISGU at what the country and the people have become.
A bunchof sex loose, alcohol free and intellectualy challenged flunkys. And says and does NOTHING.
In the park, next to all the shouting singing boozers and flunkys, there are at least a dozen homeless persons sleeping on the grass or on the nearby street.
Rubbish bins are overflowing with cheap beer cans and other rubbish…
At a expensive nearby hotel car park, a homeless woman lies dead, and her Partner huddles near her body while a disgusted hotel guest walks quickly by.
Britain occupied a large chunk of the world at one time, known as the “british Empire” and coloured Pinky red on the then existing world maps.
First came thé traders to STEAL your gold, then thé preachers to STEAL your soûl, finaly came thé Redcoated SOLDIER to kill you and STEAL your land.
In thé far east, britain sols Opium and try’d to frame ANOTHER country for it, leasing to thé so calles Opium wars. Britan smuggled opium into an innocent country, then falsley accussed that country o being the smugglers of the stolen Opium Poppy.
During the disasterous BRITISH Annexation of thé Indian Punjab, THOUSANDS of innocent Indians and Pakistanais SUDDENNLEY discoered each were in thé wrong country of thé other..IN REALITY, there was slaughter, violence and there was not a single village that dix not set on fire for 390 miles.
But over time, gradualy England lost control of its empire.
Too many people GOT beaten, overtax’ed, over work’d, starved or killed fighting thé Britisharmy Red coats.
Today, the average english school pupil does not even know their country history or comprehend that, for instance, America, was in fact, once an English controlled colony, and fought a war of independence to get away from tyrannical English control and greedy taxation. Had the king been a more reasonable man, would they have lost the American colonies?
Or that Ireland has been partitioned, with England controling at l’East “ on PAPER” thé enclave of Northern Ireland. A bloody sectarian war has been waged in Ireland until just 20 years ago.
Now stupid UK Brexiter Tory Whig Politiciens threaten Ireland again. Will you ever ever learn!!!!!???
Riots and commotion broke out in one English territory after another, perhaps Ghandis protests in India are the most memorable.
Everywhere they have gone, the country has sufferred, and then when they have finaly gone, fallen to pieces what is left.
Certain Afrikan and Commonwealth states, and Burma, are good (shockingly bad!!!) examples of how britain can be “trusted” to honour its “global ambitions”.
Britain still speaks of itself as a colonial power with world ambitions. Yet its Airforce has lost its effective strike capability, (under lady Thatcher the RAF lost 34% of its strike capacity alone), and it has now scrapped the Harrier vertical take off aircraft.
Its navy cannot now put to sea without American Air support first, and its once large army has been consistently cut and slashed to pieces by one successive Tory Government after another one.
It is a hard earned military FACT that on the eve of the Falklands War (Las Malvinas) england defence ministery was on train to scrap the two big landing ships (sir Galahad and Sir Tristram) and to scrap the Avro Vulcan Bombers, and make other disasterous defence cuts.
If the conflict ever happened again in the future, England simply would not have the required military hardware tools to do the “job”. The Port Stanley military base is now quite “run down” and not what it was some years ago.
Ironicaly, England needs help from its former colony America time and TIME AND time again to rsolve its PROBLEMS.
England “promises to defend the falklands” Hmmm yeah….Right…..
Récent évents have shown HMG to be a divided, internationale contagious, mercantile, bullying and NASTY greedy, quarrelling group of people, who care as little for their own citizens as they did Irish, Scottish or Welsh people. English people we sée, HIDE their EVIL schemeing intentions behind a plastic face of manners. UNDERNEATH they just are out to FUCK you. They smile at you, use your first name, Côme into our country, and tell EVERYONE a filthy pack of lies.
Their national character has changed. It was not ALWAYS this WAY. But years of false, fake news by UK gouvernements beaver to blâme US for their PROBLEMS internaly, have engrained their lies until finale EVERY UK citizen came to BELIEVE thé lie.
They have forgottten what used to définie them. Where is your Honour? BRITISH Promises just can’t be trusted.
In the early Gulf War, the royal Air Force had to re call and hastily re commission very old supposedly “out dated” “Buccaneer” jet fighter bombers, because the Buccanneer’s were the ONLY surviving aircraft types LEFT which used Laser Guided bombing techniques (something apparrently missing, not fitted, not available on the supposedley MORE MODERN” Tornado fighter jet bombers.
“A problem”……
Once again, PAYING so called experts for failure, britain destroy’d itself by following SHITY over procès business and political hype.
Recently the Royal navy ordered Two aircraft carriers, only to discover with great annoyance that the uk no longer had the aircraft to even go on them. Plus the construction costs more than somehow tripled in a few years to finish building them. It was suggested to sell the redundant carrier perhaps to France…..
England speaks of the great sacrifices it has made during the war. Well, let me see now, Ah yes, you must mean Poland? France? Belgium or perhaps Holland? The colonies in Africa? The Burmese? or how about when England turned back those ships from France on the eve of the war, containing thousands of jews? Who then got sent round the world to America? But America did not help them EITHER and so guess what? Yes, they all got sent back to France where the nazis took over the country and they were all gassed!!!!
Or the 20,000 german civilians burnt to death during the militarily pointless fire bombing of Dresden??? A air raid that was warned to be of “no military benefit whatsoever” by the Air Staff.
England intervened in the Bosnian war, only in the end to do very little of real effect, and leave most of the people to die there. I have met some of them. On both sides, both equaly shocked.
England has annexed a large chunk of Ireland for centurys now, and refuses to give it back.
England likes to see itself as the saviour of Europe, as the valiant victor of the second world war, but it was the Americans (same as the first world war) who in fact had to step in, supply the ships, aircraft, and tanks and lives, to finaly deliver Europe from the nazi yolk.
yes, you are right , England sure has made “great sacrifices”.
Many of its former colonists now live and work in britain because they have the right to do so, and the conditions there are likely now to be rather beter than the countrys that england “vacated” when its empire collapsed. i remember the words of a disgruntled ex soldier in an english post office, he said “this place is full of foreigners”, while waiting to get his small pension, who said “the country has been invaded without a shot being fired” .
What goes around comes around, thats what the english say isnt it??? England likes to say how everyone from its former colonies have come to live and support the “economy”. They fail to ask themselves the obvious question. Why??? Because so many old, intelligent, educated and monies persons, are quitting the messed up country at the rate of 250,000 every year.
I was one of thème..once…never again.
Before I left england for good (broke and bloddy penniless as it later turned out!!!!)*** I was sent a joke from an old friend who used to be a policeman.
It said “Being English is: Working for a japanese car producer, driving home in a German car, stopping to buy food in an American owned shop, arriving home to order a Chinese takeaway, while sitting down on a Swedish Sofa, makeing a coffee in the Ikea Kitchen, and watching the Black Football players in your home team on a large japanese television set. Then reading the newspaper printed useing Italian technology and complaining about all things foreign”.
England likes to say how it has given other countrys great beenfits to the citizens (conquered and subdued countrys that england took over and placed in its empire).
Foreigners are seen today (and always have been) seen as “A problem”. or “A political problem” Oh, that is funny, you know what? That is exactly what they called me when a corrupt english man stole my house, all of my money, business, cars, and wrecked my relationship with my two children, and ordered the asssasination and murder of a young lady i knew!!!! and when i tyd to get JUSTICE,,,,….I am “A problem”…..fuck off back to France where you belong, that is what was said to me wasnt it?!
I do not very much SPEAK english…and i changed my nationality. If i wiped their named, MAYBE I could wipe thé SHAME. I am ashamed of thé corruption, injustice, squabbelling and creeping Fascisme in thé UK. Brexit UK gouvrnement was thé final embarassement…
As Sir Alan Sugar might say…” What a Shower. What a bloody Shower”
.England controld Burma, but it became a “problem” so then they “pulled out” and the long dark night of the dictators and murdering generals began. Talk to poor On Sang Su Shi about that. Burma down to this very day is in chaos and ruins because of the “rich legacey of english colonialism bequeathed to the people” by england.
BRITISH policy’s do not mâke thé World England. And the EU do not have “secret plans” to make London the new EU Headquarters, or take over the country, you must not trust what gets written in the Daily Mail Newspapers.
And then, there is the sad story of Zimbabwe Rohdesia, and the dictator robert Mugabe, who arrests and tortures innocent people’ and is said to have arranged the murder of Joshua Uncomo the leader of the political Opposittion. Once a british colony, “it became a problem” so they pulled out, and “somehow” even now england likes to expect to “somew” have a back door hand in running the country!!! His “excellencey Mugabe” arressted and torutred a man, who I met in calais when the english had left me abandoned there homeless. it was this man, TONY, who was ONE OF THE FEW to show me any REAL COMPASSION and helped ME!!!! Also, it was another man from another African country, yes, a Black man, both of them, who HELPED ME, he was named CHARLES.
When britan made the BREXIT, and I needed help, it was a Blackman, a good black lawyer who helped me, and no one from England!!!!!!!!
England really SUKKS DOESNT IT,,,!!!!!
Double talk and double standards.
Carrying on the fine march of proud english traditions, and values, in fact, it was England who invented first the concentration camp, to solve the Boer problem, when the english army starved literaly starved to death so that they all died, 20,000 women and children in the Boer War Transvaal conflict.
It was english troops who, at the political manipulation of an english churchman (read the book, you can buy it still in england) destroyd all of the zulus in Africa so the red coats and Queen Victoria could take over the country.
it was english troops who promised aid to the Russian Tsar and his family, landed at Arkangel, but failed totaly.
It was english troops who went to France at the start of world war two, with arms, equipment, tactics out dated tiny tanks, and pea shooter canons, and leadership which was solely prepared for the First world war, and not the one that came, and who narrowly escaped loseing its ENTIRE ARMY by having to ride home on fishing boats scrambled with civilian volunteers from england.
England likes to talk about how it fought off the Germans and had to pay the americans all of the money back from lend Lease after the war, while complaining that “Europe did not pay a penny”. Excuse me? Why should it? Europe as they like now to refer to it, did not exist back then politicaly. And excuse me?!!! But every single poor country in Europe except the few neutral ones, was absolutely bombed and blown to pieces, domesticaly and industrialy, and trying to repair itself socially after the horror of nazi occuppation, another “problem” the english never had.
European people had been enslaved or murdered by the Nazis. Europe was invaded, it started with Poland, which england once again made a real promise to come to polands aid if hitler invaded, but england did not do that.
England did not have really the “problem” of millions of displaced persons and refugees after the war to have to contend with.
Every country in europe at wars end had to either re build or starve, and it was once again the americans who provided the money to solve the multitude of post war infre structure and social problems, (under the Marshall Aid Plan) to help batterred europe rebuild itself.
Russia also offerred aid to Eastern European countrys (under the COMECON programme) to rebuild and repair all the damage left behind by the retreating nazis.
What did Britain do? Ehh,,?? Sorry??, cannot hear you???? Ah yes, let me see, thats right….
Britain did nothing to help europe with its problems.
It was seen rather like Ukraine, as “Not a british problem”. Many of those people killed were friends of mine…
Well, they got that one right then……
If you live in britain now, do not grow old, do not get sick, do not get married, do not have children, do not own or run a business do not try to own or run a decent car, do not read or listen to the bullshit in the newspapers or tv, and do not own or try to buy a house.
And do not expect justice to work for you unless you are 100k a year.

England’s brexit has cunningly played a dangerous, deceitfull game of political brinkmanship with both Europe and the United States, put irish peace in mortal danger, tryd to smash and destabilise what they percieve as “The Franco german Empire of Europe” (!!!!) (yet england is one of the bigger consumers of european or german built products or services!!!!) and the rest of Europe including breaking a promise made to Ukraine to send help (!!!!) by voteing with its Tory Government, for a Brexit that in fact, now they have to pay $100,000,000 for.
They thought they could rake large chunks of money into the treasurey coffers, return the uk and europe to the pre 1950,s map, but in fact, due to their short sighted greed, they are now locking themselves right out of the Common market.
And earning once again the reputation of being the “laughing stock of Europe”.
They are to be congratulated in the uk Tory Party for finding a splendid way to utterly destroy their own country, in a way that caesar, the Vikings, and William the Conqueror and reich fuhrer Adolf Hitler or ISIS Daesh could never have envisaged.
One shudders at exactly what they will try next? A industrial re conquest of india by useing english business pressures there? ……….The Reconquest of Ireland with a massive fortified barbed wire and watchtower armoured “european frontier”?????……………..It is ironic, Oliver Cromwell was right about ONE thing, regarding english politics and parliaments. Thé Rump Parliament had SAT for 11 years, lining it’s own pockets, WHOLE EVERYONE sufferred. Finaly, furious with all OF their swaggerring arrogance and abuses of law justice or power, hé SIMPLY marchés troops inside thé Parliament building, and threw out thé unlawful “ lawful gouvernement” he said “Depart i say and let us be done with you! In the name of God Go!!!!!!!!
( and hé was an englishman!!!)
England has betrayed Europe, Ireland, Ukraine, and ultimately, it has in the end, betrayed and destroyed itself.
The squabelling divided and corrupted tory government would build barbed wir and checkpoints againin Ireland, and introduce visas for exisitng uk overseas citizens, and creat a whole new pile of social division and disaster for britain.
They have blamed the EU for their own political mistakes and failures for years, falsely accussed the EU of bullying the uk government, which it absolutely is not, it is the tories who screamed at europe “give us a deal or we walk”
walk then and straight into the dogs mess….
If “have a one sided vision” of History, it is because there is only one side to history. I said at the start of this article, i would write accorrding to experience, and so I have done.
Perhaps in thé finish, Brexit will now re- pay to England it’s abuse of other innocent people, and thé Political Cover Up you try’d to bury Larissa Irena Pavlova and then me under. Its strange how england values foreign workers and cheap foreign prices, yet abuses, uses and rips of foreigners?
So now England will lose EVERYTHING and everyone and will not have a friend anywhere in world ?!!
Harsh? But it to me will also be justice.
The English stole my house, my money, and then trydto steal a 250 000 business from us in France, because they did not like me telling the truth about what had been done.
*** we were conn’d ROBBED and then RUINED by a english CRIMINAL gang, RUN by a CORRUPT UK LAWYER CALLED William Arthur Peter Moon , formerly of the firm DYNE DREWETT LLP and then BARTLET GOODING AND WHEELEN SHEPTON MALLET SOMERSET and then, from MOGERS DREWETT SOLICITORS OF WELLS IN SOMERSET, he defrauded vulnerable eledrly ladys such as my own mother and grandmother and stole clients money, but because I have foreign blood you will not do a single god damnd thing about him.who stole houses, money and then arranged to have several people, English and russian murdered, to cover the fact he was , from his outwardly, falsely respectable shepton mallet office, laundering dirty money and ripping of English families and sending their cash into dodgy foreign investment schèmes.
English justice is a broken down failure, and criminals run amok in britain
In the words of a certain famous English “hit” pop song,
“Lets get down with the down with the down with the Dog bits, lets get down with the dog bits, lets get down where the down where the down where where the dog shits…..(sits)……
Those who may wish to accusse me of vitrilic bullshit or racism, should frankly take a very very VERY LONG look at themselves.
It is Nazism and racism that i hate, and the pathetic, miserable, weak, sotten condition the whole place seems now to have succumbed to
Sorry if the english do not like that.
go and take a walk around there in London, it is true, you can SEE it for yourself
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“Why can’t the United Kingdom deport every European Union citizen once we leave the EU in 2019?

If the rot does not stop and the described social dumping continues, there wont be an “england” anymore