Apartments require little to no maintenance, adds Anthony Dazet, a real estate agent and owner of Homes + City, a New Orleans-based real estate company, the

Which is the best MIT housing option for postgraduate students?

I preferred living off campus when I was at MIT for grad school (of course, I already knew my way around Cambridge pretty well, so YMMV). You would think that living on campus would be cheaper, but a lot of the time it actually isn’t (at least for grad students). And you can get housing pretty close to MIT for a reasonable price. Some of the on-campus options are actually pretty far from the center of campus…

Granted, there is a premium on some of the buildings that are right next to Campus (100 Memorial Drive and some the luxury buildings around there), but you can live within a 10-15 minute walk for a reasonable price.

The one big thing you get by living on-campus is built-in community. If you are straight out of college and looking for more of the college experience, then living on Campus might be the best thing.