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Who are the 2013 Top Writers on Quora?

So it appears the high lords of Quora foolishly bestowed upon me the honor of “Top Writer” again.

After I’m done abusing my Top Writer status and lording it over the rest of the user base, Quora will never make the same mistake ever again.

For 2014, I pledge to:

  • Drop authoritiative-sounding/seemingly-plausible answers on topics I know nothing about to trick the gullible into behaviors that would entertain me.
  • Go into the comment threads of highest-ranked answers written by non-Top Writers and make bellicose, illogical rebuttals/comments contradicting them. When they point out my obviously-wrong statements, I will reply “Yo peasant – check my profile. Only one of us has “Top Writer” in their profile. Is it you? No? Ok then, piss off.”
  • Single-handedly double the workload of the Moderation Team by barging into threads discussing touchy subjects and antagonizing the most prolific people in the thread with thinly-veiled slurs and brazen insults.


HAHAHAHA. Kidding, kidding.

Truth is, I’m very pleased and flattered.

I’ve had an amazing time hosting Quora meetups (San Francisco Bay Area 2x, Seattle, Los Angeles)  and hope to continue to do so with support from Quora HQ.

This year, I will be traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand and the United Kingdom/London (and visit/hang with Oliver Emberton).

I hope to host Quora Meetups in both cities if there is sufficient interest/locals who want to connect in person over good food and fun conversations.

Will probably host another Q Meetup in San Francisco area at my loft/condo in a few months (stay tuned for details).

In the meantime, I will await my Golden Fleece that will cement my role as Archduke amongst Quora royalty.