WASHINGTON -A two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be “like a real estate deal,” President Trump said in a press conference on Wednesday

Given President Trump’s ambivalence about support of Israel, why is Benjamin Netanyahu such a vocal supporter of him?

Trump has selected James Mattis for his Secretary of Defense. Nicknamed the Warrior Monk for his prolific reading, intellect and serious one-love only devotion to the military (he has never married and is 66), he is for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, as was Obama. Whether Trump adopts that as his policy is questionable.

If Trump continues to give his ear to the so-called evangelicals (and here I mean the ones who are sincere in their faith), he will be encouraged to never accept a two-state solution. This works to Netanyahu’s favor as his countrymen also don’t want to carve out a slice of their pie to give to the Palestinians, but if we just look at the two leaders as men, they are both business-oriented.

Trump, the real estate deal maker, for instance, who took money run through Kasakhstani hands close to the Kremlin, for some of his real estate deals, will have no problem accepting Netanyahu’s investment in Germany’s Thyssen Krupps’ subs, even though Iran holds something like 4.5% of the Germany-based company, because it’s all ‘business.”

I would opine that they are birds of a feather, and that it is easy for them to understand one another.

Moreover, once Trump sees the depth of our relationship with Israel , which, out of all our potential allies in the Middle East, has the fiercest emotional tie to the USA out of all of all the Middle Eastern nation states, I think he will no longer be on the fence about continuing to pledge the full support of American finances and military support to Israel.

Israel’s intelligence contributions and their information on how to make both airplanes and air travel safer were critical in our efforts to protect our citizens and our airplanes post 911; and certainly their operatives in the region and around the world still work hand-in-hand with our intelligence departments to flush out threats and even to formulate strategy to combat terrorism, in our country and in Israel’s backyard.

“Believers”” will press home the idea that the nation that bucks Israel gets severe discipline from the Lord as deviating from His plan, while others, perhaps even Mattis, will press for a Palestinian state to be formed.

But so far, Trump and Netanyahu’s alliances are more based on the general sense of fighting off the same enemies, and on the Jews’ part, on a deep psychological identification with America as the perennial champion of the underdog, no matter the reason.