LONDON, Sept. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Block Estates has announced recently that it is creating the world’s first comprehensive blockchain powered

What is the best micro cap crypto that you recommend?

This is the absolute top 10 of the best low cap coins.

All of these coins have very strong fundamentals, some already with millions of users and it would not be weird if they were already valued $1B or more. This list is sorted by potential

  1. Elastos at rank 87 and market cap $80M. Elastos is one of only 6 cryptos in total that offer infinite decentralization, infinite scalability next to IOTA, Nano, Skycoin, Aeternity and Cardano. Furthermore, Elastos is more comprehensive than Cardano as a dapps platform, so it should at least be at the value of Cardano ($5B) right now already. Markets are strange.
  2. This one completely flew under my radar. Appcoins at rank 343 and market cap $10M. They also just launched their mainnet 2 days ago to their 200M users. Ritchie Release — AppCoins Rollout on Aptoide App Store!

    Today, the entire app store market is dominated by two players: Google Play and the App Store. In the first three months of 2017 alone, consumers worldwide spent over $15 billion in iOS and Android stores.

    In 2018, the mobile app economy will turn 10 at a valuation of nearly $77 billion, which is said to double by 2020. This duopoly of Google and Apple allows them to impose exorbitant fees on all purchases, app downloads and in-app items alike.

    AppCoins — powered by Aptoide — a $100M company and one of the largest Android app stores with a staggering 200+ million users that have downloaded over 4 billion apps and games already, wants to use blockchain technology to disrupt this market and solve the problems, like inefficiency and inaccessibility, that are currently troubling developers and users.

    Conventional app stores are heavily centralized entities that are faced with several problems, such as inefficient and costly advertising, inaccessibility of in-app purchases tor the mass market, and a lack of transparency and trust between developers and users. All of these are making innovation difficult. More info here:…

  3. ELIX at rank 490 and an absolute tiny market cap of $2M. Elix is a lending platform and has such a small market cap, because they have not done an ICO, though, they are on par with Salt at a $40M market cap in terms of development progress and further than Ethlend, who are sitting at a $16M market cap.

    ELIX launched their app 2 weeks ago and had a massive 80% “buy the rumour, sell the news” dump, so it is very, very cheap right now.

  4. ENJ at rank 147 and a $37M market cap. ENJ is the gaming coin that already has a network of 20 million players, making it the gaming coin that has the most traction already. They currently have 7 games using their token after 2 months and it is also used in a Minecraft plugin.
  5. DENT at rank 125 and market cap $47M. DENT already has over 2 million users sharing, buying, and selling mobile data around the world. So far, 321 TB purchased with DENT Tokens, up 63% has been purchased with Dent token. This makes Dent the coin with the second most real-world traction in the entire crypto-sphere, only behind BAT with 4 million MAUs.

    DENT is especially useful in developing countries, where mobile data is very expensive and often costs people half of their salary. That’s why DENT will probably have a very big impact in developing countries.

    I don’t see any reason why DENT wouldn’t reach 50M users with the coming bull run, especially since it hasn’t launched in the largest countries, such as India yet.

  6. Get protocol at rank 531 and $4.7M market cap. GET Protocol is a working ticketing protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. Has ticketed over 50,000 tickets in the Netherlands so far using its application GUTS Tickets, already has over 1 Million Tickets lined up to be sold on the protocol by the end of next year. Famous artists and comedians like Zaz, Jochem Myjer, Guus Meeuwis & Youp Van ‘t Hek onboard, using the Ethereum mainnet in Q3 of this year.
  7. Relex at rank 536 and $5M market cap. Relex is the world’s first real estate development cryptocurrency, which already has multiple development projects running, such as Cocobay Danang and Marine City in Vietnam. Relex has very strong partnerships as such a small market cap coin and is in a very large industry, real estate, where not many cryptocurrencies are yet, so there is a very good opportunity to make a mark as a first mover.
  8. Wepower at rank 325 and $11M market cap. WePower is at the forefront of regenerative energy blockchain technology by building a transparent way to purchase, lend and produce green energy. There is not much blockchain technology in the energy space, only PowerLedger, Electrify.Asia are really nameworthy projects. This is a very interesting space, because electricity or energy contracts are currently spread among only a very few companies, which provide inflated prices, bad customer service and often environmentally unfriendly electricity. This can all be improved with the blockchain.
  9. Payfair at rank 791 and an absolutely tiny $1.3M market cap. Payfair is a decentralised Escrow platform, which is absolutely necessary in the crypto world and thus a very good buy at such a tiny market cap.
  10. Poet at rank 189 and market cap $26M. Poet is a very interesting utility coin, allowing writers and authors to publish their books in a decentralized manner without being a slave to the big publishers.

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