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Profile: Barbara Holladay-Vernon, Curious.Organic.Survivor.

JamieCat at home 2-’18

N.Texas Reader/daily walker, owned by one dog, one cat. Serious yet zany. Dedicated NightOwl. Former journalist/ photographer/ editor.
3x cancer survivor, weird dark sense of humor gets me through.
1. Sought divorce in ’83 after nearly 20 years.
2. Widowed November 2013 after 23 years together, 14.5 of them married, to VietNam USAF veteran.

Daughter of U.S. Army/Air Force WWII vet.

3. 2017 – present Dating U.S. Navy veteran (medic/lab tech)

I’ve had a Mac since 1987. (Typos R Us)
I do love my MacBook Pro./Retina

Hometown: Wichita, KS
I’ve lived in Carthage, MO, Decatur/Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA, Houston, TX, and Dallas, TX area.

I have edited DFW area newspapers, group newsletters, worked in Real Estate sales and at a publication house. I use an Android smartphone and I’m 73 outside, 35-40 inside.
(Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. So to speak.)

UPDATE: Still here, still short, still weird.
Organic gardener, weather watcher.
Bird, opossum, deer, quail, & squirrel feeder.

UPDATE: My latest Wild Hare is in my yard, I now have two that visit. I live in the city but have had a resident possum for several generations now and have seen coyotes and a fox go down my street late at night.

Ancient history: Wichita U., Wichita, KS (Goofed off 1 year, then married at 18.)
Univ.of Houston, Houston, TX (Began Again at 28.)

North Texas State Univ., Denton, TX, now U.N.T. (B.S. ’81, Recreation & Leisure Studies with emphasis on Special Populations, Pol. Sci. /Eng/Real Estate minors) & was working on Masters in Aging when first cancer hit.)

Turned 70 summer of ‘15; took Fall Road Trip ’15 to celebrate! Put my one dog and two cats (then) into the SUV, hitched up the RV/travel trailer and took off alone around Texas to visit e-friends and long-term friends. A new widow, it was the First time I personally had ever pulled the RV so it was somewhat scary. I had never driven anything 58 ft. long that bent in the middle before; just did it to see if I could.

I never hit anything nor did I kill anyone. Success! 1800 miles of Texas Hill Country, all over S. Tx, Gulf Coast (shrimp!) and after 2 months, we arrived back home Dec./’15.

ROADTRIP 2018 was NOT fun. A strong crosswind blew my RV off the I10 near Biloxi, Mississippi in March. My 33′ travel trailer was totaled, my dog, cat & SUV are okay. I am so lucky. Will begin looking for another RV soon. Maybe.