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What has President Trump changed so far?

This list is maintained by Amy Siskind the President & Co-founder of The New Agenda. fmr Wall Street Exec. Advocate for women’s & LGBT rights, & equality. Mom. Gay. Dog lover. Jock. Nerd. I smile a lot!

She started this list back in November after the election, so week 11 lines up with the first week of the presidency and we are now to week 12-two, if you want the earlier lists before the elections they are in the link below. This is by far the most comprehensive list I have seen that memorial documentation of the issues and events that we have lived through in this troubling time. Cry a little, or a lot, on facebook I am on permanent angry emoticon.

Week 11: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so…

Week 12: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so…

Week 11: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.

published January 28,2017

This week was chaos. Journalist Dan Rather described it as “the Twilight Zone,” and author Stephen King, “The ugliest first week of a presidency in the history of the American republic.” This week, there were numerous articles about Trump transforming America into an authoritarian state (examples here, here, here, here, here).

  1. The revised tally for the Women’s March, came in between 3 and 4 million, making it the largest protest march in US history.
  2. Hundreds of protestors coming to the Women’s March from Canada, were turned away at the US border.
  3. Trump defensively responded with outright lies about his inaugaration crowd. Spicer said, “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inaugaration — period.” When pressed on this lie on NBC, Conway said Spicer’s false claims were, “alternative facts.”
  4. Numerous reporters were arrested while covering the inauguration protests. NBC reporters were released, while others were charged.
  5. In true authoritarian form, Trump declared his inauguration day to be the National Day Patriotic Devotion.
  6. On the Monday after he was sworn in, a group of Constitutional scholars, Supreme Court litigators and WH ethics lawyers filed a suit claiming Trump violated the Constitution by receiving foreign payments.
  7. The Boston Globe ran an op-ed titled, “The President’s House Is Empty.” The Week 2 list mentioned Melania and Baron living in NYC, now apparently Trump is too, and we have normalized this item.
  8. The WSJ reported that Flynn — in addition to Page, Manafort and Stone — is under investigation for links to Russia.
  9. Days after his inauguration, Trump called the National Park Security, reportedly upset about a retweet of a side-by-side photo of his inauguration next to Obama.
  10. As of the Sunday evening after being sworn in, Trump still hadn’t severed his ties to his businesses as promised. After the media caught this, documents were filed later that day.
  11. The WH comment line switchboard no longer has a person answering the phone.
  12. Breaking decades of precedent, Conway said Trump would never release his tax returns, saying the American public is not focused on this, (ABC poll last week showed 74% of Americans want his returns released).
  13. Despite Trump’s proclamation of having a “great meeting” and “long standing ovations” at a meeting with the CIA, it turned out that Trump’s paid employees were the ones cheering, and his relations with the intelligence may be getting worse.
  14. Without explanation, the CDC cancelled a Climate and Health Summit, scheduled to take place in Atlanta.
  15. Trump’s staff continued to tell multiple outright lies, daily, including statements about the size of the federal workforce, crowd size, and voting fraud.
  16. Massive leaks coming from the WH staff portrayed Trump as impulsive and childish, in stories published by the NYT and WAPO.
  17. The State Department’s statement of apology for past LGBT discrimination was scrubbed from the official website.
  18. Trump signed an executive order, reinstating AND expanding to an unprecedented degree, the Global Gag rule. He signed the order in the company of all white man (see photo below).
  19. Days after being sworn in, Trump told lawmakers that 3–5 million illegal ballots cost him the popular vote. Next day, Spicer repeated the same lie.
  20. Trump froze EPA grants.
  21. Trump banned EPA employees from providing infomation to reporters or on social media, about new contracts or grants.
  22. Later, Trump banned multiple federal agencies from communicationswith members of Congress and the media.
  23. Trump threatened to send Federal Troops to Chicago, citing false claims about crime rates.
  24. Republican legislators around the country proposed a series of bills, which would make criminalize peaceful protests.
  25. There were public stories of multiple arrests, disapearances and deaths of Russian intelligence agency officers for leaks related to Trump’s dossier and interference with US election. There was also news of a possible public trial.
  26. Trump’s AG nominee, Sessions, said he would not commit to recusing himself from Trump related investigations. This is counter to requirements of DOJ rules.
  27. Advisors for Germany’s Merkel said they were still struggling to open communications channels with the Trump administration days after the inauguration, and that they have “given up” on him acting “presidential.”
  28. On Wednesday, the WH released an email to the press, titled, “Praise for President Trump’s Bold Action.”
  29. Trump ordered billions of funding cuts to UN agencies, and took action towards pulling us out of treaties, including Climate Change.
  30. Mother Jones reported that some of Trump’s foreign business partners attended his inauguration, and were given VIP treatment.
  31. Trump mandated that EPA scientific studies undergo a review by his political staff, before being released publicly.
  32. Trump called for an investigation into voter fraud, then delayed signing the executive order. Media uncovered that several Trump insiders are registered to vote in two states.
  33. Trump said torture “absolutely works,” putting him at odds with his staff on a draft torture order. For now, Trump said Mattis could override him.
  34. At his CIA speech, Trump said of Iraq, “We should’ve kept the oil. But, okay, maybe we’ll have another chance.” He kept that mantra alive during the week, endangering our troops serving in Iraq.
  35. Protests continued around the country, including major marches in Philadelphia and NYC.
  36. In a bizarre interview with ABC, Trump continued his false claim about voter fraud, and also fixated on the crowd size of inauguration, showing David Muir a photo, and also saying, “We had the biggest audience in the history of inaugural speeches.”
  37. The Economist downgraded the US on its democracy scale, to a “flawed democracy.”
  38. The entire senior staff of the State Department left. It was unclear if they resigned or were fired, ahead of Trump’s incoming nominee, Tillerson, who has no diplomatic or government experience, taking office.
  39. Trump signed an executive order to build The Wall. The Mexican President said Mexico would not be paying for The Wall, and canceled a previously scheduled trip to meet with Trump in DC.
  40. The WSJ Editorial Board slammed Trump for his treatment of Mexico, and for floating a 20% tariff, calling him a “foreign-affairs neophyte.”
  41. Bannon said the media should “keep its mouth shut,” and referred to them as “the opposition party.”
  42. NPR reported that Trump signed a record number of executive actions in his first week; but unlike his predecessors, none about ethics.
  43. Trump replaced the leader of a federal agency which overseas the use of Federal land, including the controversial Trump hotel in DC.
  44. Business Insider reported on a memo between Igor Sechin, the CEO of Russia’s state oil company, and Trump ally, Carter Page, offering a stake in the Russia’s state oil company, in exchange for lifting of US sanctions.
  45. Trump issued a statement on Holocaust Memorial Day that did not mention Jews, breaking a precedent of past Democrat and Republican presidents.
  46. Same day, Trump signed an executive order banning citizens from 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for the next 90 days. Trump also announced plans to increase the number of countries.
  47. Trump said Christian refugees would be given preference, a clear violation of our constitution.
  48. Trump immigration ban did not include countries in which Trump has business interests.
  49. Trump hinted at dropping US sanction against Russia in the lead up to his first official call with Putin. In response, McCain said if Trump lifts sanction, Congress will restore them.
  50. Much of Trump’s foreign policy is be decided and carried out by two men, Bannon and Kushner.

Week 12: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.

published February 4, 2017

An observation on Week 12: several of the most important items in this very long list are the ones not getting coverage: including Ukraine, and the many abuses of power to silence dissent and stomp on ethics. Conflicts of interest abound, unfettered.

  1. Protests over Trump’s Muslim Ban took place all over the country and around the world. Thousands protested in major airports and cities, including many red states.
  2. Trump’s EO was criticized by many, and supported by few. Christian leaders spoke our voraciously against prioritizing Christian refugees.
  3. Innumerable horrid stories about the impact of the Muslim ban surfaced during the week. Spicer minimized its impact. Presidents of 598 colleges and universities wrote a letter of concern about the Ban.
  4. Trump promoted Bannon, under a reorganization of the National Security Council, to a regular seat on the principals committee. Criticism and outrage of this move was widespread. Democrats proposed a bill to remove Bannon from the NSC.
  5. A Federal Judge in NY issued a temporary order, blocking Trump’s EO from deportation of arrivals. Next morning, the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement that they would not abide by the court order, and would continue to enforce Trump’s EO. Four other Federal Judges issued similar temporary orders.
  6. The Judicial Branch was removed from the WH website. It was later restored.
  7. An op-ed, “Trial Ballon for a Coup?”, which included a diagram showing an almost completely gutted State Department, trended for an entire day.
  8. In just 12 hours, more than 875k people in the UK signed a petition, demanding Trump’s state visit to Britain be canceled.
  9. Germany’s Merkel, per her spokesperson, had to explain the Geneva Convention, and the requirement for the international community to take in war refugees on humanitarian grounds, to Trump.
  10. Books topping the Amazon list included, “1984,” “It Can’t Happen Here,” and “Brave New World.”
  11. Trump continued to say his Executive Order should not be termed a “Muslim Ban.” Trump insider Rudy Giuliana told Fox News, Trump had called him seeking advice for a ‘Muslim Ban’ and how to do it legally.
  12. According the Sen Rubio, the State Department was instructed not to speak to Congress about Trump’s Muslim Ban.
  13. On a day when the NYT described Bannon’s elevation and Michael Flynn stumbling, Flynn’s Twitter account was taken down.
  14. AP reported the voter fraud expert chosen by Trump to conduct his voter fraud investigation, is registered to vote in three states.
  15. POLITICO reported that several House Judiciary Committee aides secretly worked on Trump’s Muslim Ban. Their bosses were not aware of the EO or their staffs’ involvement.
  16. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates directed the Justice Department not to defend Trump’s Muslim Ban, citing the ban not being legal.
  17. Hours later, Trump fired her, saying she “betrayed” the DOJ. Her memo was rescinded that same night. Trump’s action, named for a similar firing by Nixon, became known as the “Monday Night Massacre.”
  18. WSJ reported that Trump’s tax plan, counter to changes proposed by Congressional Republicans, would preserve millions in tax benefits for Trump companies.
  19. Days after Trump’s phone conversation with Putin, Russia escalated hostilities in the Ukraine. Among the chaos of the Muslim Ban, etc., few in the US noticed.
  20. Six were killed in a mosque shooting in Quebec. The perpetrator was a white man, who “liked” Trump’s Facebook page. The next day, the Eiffel Tower went dark overnight in support. Trump, however, said nothing publicly about the attack.
  21. The WH publicly stated that any State Department employees who disagree with Trump’s Muslim Ban should resign.
  22. As Trump prepares to name his Supreme Court pick, for the first time in decades, no one is bothering to advocate for diversity anymore.
  23. In relatiation for their coverage, Trump said he would no longer send his spokespeople to appear on CNN. On reporter noted, “They’re trying to cull CNN from the herd.”
  24. Trump announced his Supreme Court nominee in reality-tv show type format, claiming he had invited both finalist to the prime-time announcement.
  25. Trump’s sons, who are running his business supposedly walled-off, sat in the front row for the Supreme Court announcement, and mingled with politicians, including the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee.
  26. WAPO reported that Eric Trump’s business trip to Uruguay in January for the Trump Organization, cost tax-payers nearly $100,000 in hotel rooms for Secret Service and embassy staff.
  27. For a second day in a row, Trump personally attacked Schumer on Twitter: “Fake Tears Chuck Schumer.”
  28. Trump canceled a trip to Milwaukee, where he was scheduled to deliver an economic address, due to the threat of protests.
  29. The House Oversight Committee stopped accepting calls relating to investigating Trump.
  30. As part of Black History Month, Trump cited Frederick Douglass, who he described as still alive, and Pence tweeted about a white man.
  31. Trump’s first overseas raid ended in failure. Among the dead were a Navy SEAL and 15 women women and children, including an 8 year-old American. Trump has relaxed Obama’s stance on protecting civilians.
  32. The Yemen raid garnered little media attention for days, until Reuters reported via US military officials that Trump “approved his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations.”
  33. Spicer admitted that Trump was not in the Situation Room during the Yemen raid. He issued the green light while at dinner, and during the raid itself, Trump was busy sending unrelated, incendiary tweets.
  34. In the third wave of mass disruption in January, 17 Jewish Community Centers (JCC’s) received bomb threats.
  35. FLOTUS Melania Trump said she and Barron may never move to the WH.
  36. Reuters’ Editor-in-Chief announced that their reporters would cover the Trump adminisration as an authoritarian regime.
  37. On the day Tillerson was confirmed, the House killed a transparency rules which required oil companies to report payments to foreign governments. As Exxon CEO, Tillerson had lobbied against this provision.
  38. The House’s move on transparency also impacts the ability to trace the owner of a 19% stake of Roseneft, mentioned in Week 11’s list.
  39. In a phone call, Trump threatened his Mexican counterpart with sending US military to stop “bad hombres down there.” Next day, Trump said this was just meant to be “lighthearted.
  40. Trump’s first call with Australia, one of our closest allies, went terribly, and ended prematurely after, according to Australian media, Trump berated PM Turnbull.
  41. Later that night at 10:55 pm, Trump tweeted Obama had agreed “to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia.” This is a lie: Obama accepted 1,250 refugees. Next day, McCain called Turnbull to express US support. Hoyer also issued a statement of support.
  42. Trump opened his remarks at the National Prayer Service by attacking Arnold Schwarzenegger for “The Apprentice” getting low ratings. Trump continues to hold the role of Executive Producer of the show.
  43. Later at the National Prayer Service, Trump promised to “totally destroy” the Johnson Amendment, which forbids churches from political activity in order to maintain their tax-exempt status.
  44. Trump lifted sanctions, introduced by Obama in December, on Russia’s FSB. A former head of Russia’s FSB claimed this to be the start of a formal “anti-terror alliance” in the DUMA.
  45. Virginia filed a contempt motion against Trump over his Muslim Ban, asking the US District Court to make sure that the federal government complied with the temporary restraining order.
  46. At the hearing, the Justice Department said over 100,000 visas have been revoked as part of Trump’s Muslim Ban. The State Department later said the number was closer to 60,000.
  47. NBC reported, via a FOIA request, that emails reveal Ethics officials warned Trump against an ‘unprecendented’ efforts to staff his cabinet without ethics vetting. Trump aides rebuffed OCE efforts.
  48. As per the Week 11 List, Trump issued a Holocaust statement without mentioning Jews. This week, POLITICO reported the State Department’s draft statement did reference Jewish victims, but Trump team took it out.
  49. Due to lower sales caused by boycotts, both Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus announced, they will no longer carry Ivanka Trump’s brand.
  50. A poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP) revealed that 40% of registered voters support impeaching Trump. Polls asking during Nixon years, didn’t reach this level until 16 weeks into the Watergate scandal.
  51. A former PM of Norway was detained for hours at Dulles Airport because his passport showed a visit to Iran in 2014.
  52. Trump ordered female staffers to “dress like women.” Twitter mocked his words, with a campaign using the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman.
  53. Conway continued telling outright lies, citing a fabricated Bowling Green Massacre as a rational for Trump’s Muslim Ban.
  54. Trump said he would be “cutting a lot out of Dodd Frank” since his friends with “nice businesses” are having a hard time borrowing money, because of rules and regulations.
  55. NPR reported that Trump faces 55 lawsuits in his first two weeks— as compared to 5 for Obama, 4 for W. Bush and 5 for Clinton.
  56. The New Yorker and Vanity Fair canceled their involvement with White House Correspondents’ Dinner parties.
  57. As the week came to a close, a federal judge appointed by President Bush ruled that Trump’s Muslim Ban EO be halted, nationwide, immediately.

Week 13: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember. Published February 11, 2017

Given that we’re 13 weeks into this tracking exercise, starting this week I’ll be adding a section at the bottom of the list, “Some Things We’ve Already Normalized.” The goal is to remind us of items in the early lists, that at the time were unprecedented and shocking; but have long since been accepted and forgotten. We must remember what normal used to be to resist, and find our way back — and so we begin!

  1. In a Fox News interview, when O’Reilly referred to Putin as a “killer,” Trump responded, “Well, you think our country is so innocent?
  2. Trump’s comments were condemned by leaders and voices on both sides. Putin demanded an apology from Fox News.
  3. The NYT ran a disturbing story describing Trump first two weeks. Like the WAPO story cited in Week 10, Trump is reportedly still isolated — going upstairs alone at 6:30 pm, and maintaining a small inner-circle.
  4. The NYT also reported that Trump wasn’t fully briefed on the EO he signed giving Bannon a National Security Council seat. Trump tweeted that he calls his own shots, and referred to the story as fake news.
  5. The WSJ reported that arrests of Russian intelligence officers are likely linked to Russia’s US hacking.
  6. Pelosi called on the FBI to probe Trump’s personal and financial ties to Russia, to explore whether Russia may be blackmailing him.
  7. By the end of the week, 6 NE Patriots said they would not attend the Super Bowl celebration ceremony at the White House.
  8. McClatchy reported on efforts to silence public opinion: the WH comment line is shut down, signatures aren’t being counted on petitions, and Federal agencies are no longer allowed to respond to requests.
  9. On SNL, Melissa McCarthy delivered a devasting portrayal of Spicer. Days later, Trump is reportedly rattled, and rumored to be seeking a replacement.
  10. Spurred into a consideration by a petition signed by 1.5 million citizens, UK officials announced that Trump would not be allowed to address the UK Parliament during his upcoming visit.
  11. As of this week, key roles in the Executive Branch are empty. Of the 658 positions that are open and require Senate confirmation, Trump has appointed only 35 (8 are confirmed, and 27 await confirmation).
  12. Trump continued to assert that the “very dishonest press” doesn’t report terrorist attacks. At first, the source of his claim appeared to be InfoWars. The WH later released a list of attacks, with several misspellings (all attacks on the list had in fact been covered).
  13. The White House is still not open to the public. Tours typically resume shortly after the new president takes office.
  14. As part of her lawsuit against Mail Online, Melania mentioned the “once-in-a-lifetime” merchandising possibilities she envisioned as FLOTUS.
  15. Republicans in a House committee voted to eliminate the agency charged with protecting voting machines from being hacked.
  16. Without explanation or warning, the USDA purged a page on animal welfare from it’s website.
  17. Trump attacked the federal judges ruling on his Muslim Ban, and questioned the indepence of the judicial branch, saying, “The courts seem to be so political,” and threatening that any terrorist attacks would be the fault of these judges if they don’t rule his way.
  18. Trump also referred to federal justice Robart, a W. Bush appointee who ruled against Trump’s Muslim Ban, as a “so-called judge.”
  19. Trump nominee for the SCOTUS called Trump’s remarks, “demoralizing” and “disheartening.” Trump refuted, saying Gorsuch’s comments were misrepresented. In response, a spokesperson for Gorsuch said it was true.
  20. During a debate on the confirmation of Sessions, Warren was formerly silenced by McConnell and Republicans for reading a letter by Coretta Scott King, in a refrain that will go into the history books: “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” The rule cited by McConnell, Rule XIX, was not used on GOP men like Cruz.
  21. A HuffPost story seemed to call Trump’s mental health into question, citing via leaks that Trump called Flynn at 3 a.m. to ask him about a weak dollar and the economy. A member of W Bush NSC added, “I genuinely do not think this is a mentally healthy president.”
  22. In response to Trump’s failed raid in Yemen, according to the NYT, Yemenis withdrew permission for US antiterror ground mission. More stories came out questioning Trump’s decision-making process and truthfulness on the Yemen raid.
  23. WSJ reported that Trump’s appointee to acting SEC Chair is seeking to get rid of the requirement under Dodd Frank that companies disclose the pay gap between CEO’s and their employees.
  24. Trump tweeted, from both his personal account and the POTUS account, that Nordstrom has treated his daughter unfairly. He included a veiled threat, “She’s a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing.” Nordstrom cited lagging sales, and their stock rose 4.1% that day.
  25. Trump’s attack against Nordstrom was widely condemned by ethics experts as a clear violation of federal ethics rules.
  26. Next day, Conway said on Fox News, “Go buy Ivanka’s stuff is what I would say.” Spicer later that day said Conway was “counseled.” Trump sided with Conway.
  27. Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight Committee, called Conway’s statement, “wrong, wrong, wrong.” Next day, Conway made a snide remark about Chaffetz’s stormy townhall.
  28. France’s spy agency, the DGSE, said Russia is actively working to get Le Pen elected. Le Pen announced that if she wins, Jews would have to leave France if they did not give up their Israeli citizenship.
  29. A bipartisan group of Senators introduced a bill that would require congressional approval for Trump to lift sanctions on Russia.
  30. A Hitler’s Valentine’s Day card was handed out by a the College Republicans at Central Michigan University. Nationwide, anti-semitism incidents continue to escalate since Election Day.
  31. Reuters reported that Trump did not get briefed prior to his phone call with Putin, and had to ask aides about the New START treaty.
  32. Breaking 7 decades of presidential precedents, Trump said he will not rely on White House Council of Economic Advisers.
  33. Democrats in the House moved to force a debate on Trump’s Russia business conflicts and ties.
  34. Rachel Maddow reported in order to shield himself from having to pay for the clean-up of a failed SC business formerly owned by his son, Trump claimed to have no relationship to former owner.
  35. Townhalls hosted by Republicans in Utah, Tennessee and others states had huge crowds show up and vociferously show their displeasure.
  36. A national poll conducted by PPP found that 51% of Trump supporters think the “Bowling Green massacre” — a lie put forward by Conway in Week 12 — is justification for Trump’s Muslim Ban.
  37. Courts again turned back Trump, this time in his efforts to scale back an Obama-era consumer protection designed to avoid conflicts of interests when brokers give retirement advice.
  38. FLOTUS Trump again broke with tradition, not hosting the FL of Japanduring her tour of Washington DC.
  39. WAPO broke that despite his earlier denials, Flynn did indeed have conversations with Russia’s ambassador about sanctions while Obama was still in office. Flynn changed his version to having “no recollection.”
  40. Aids for Pence, who had vouched for Flynn on Sunday tv, said Flynn had lied to Pence, and Flynn was his only source. When asked about this story, Trump feigned ignorance, despite WAPO having it on page 1.
  41. In a meeeting with Senators, Trump again asserted voter fraud, citing alleged buses of Massachusetts people who voted in New Hampshire.
  42. Trump has still not come to an agreement with Federal officials over his Trump DC hotel’s violation of lease.
  43. After a conversation with the leader of Taiwan in Week 3, an action not taken by an American president in decades, Trump asserted his bumble was to show strength to China. Unceremoniously this week, Trump changed course, and said he would honor the ‘One China’ policy.
  44. Without notice, days after Sessions is confirmed, federal agents started conducting mass immigration raids in at least six states. Citizens reported seeing check-points in several major cities.
  45. CNN broke that US intelligence has corroborated some parts of the infamous Russian dossier. Spicer responded by attacking CNN for fake news reporting.
  46. Gallup found that only 29% of Americans think Trump is respected in the world. 67% believe he is not.
  47. Trump continued to actively lie this week. Protests and marches continued nationwide.

Some Things We’ve Already Normalized:

  • The first family is not living in the White House.
  • Trump is not receiving daily intelligence briefings.
  • Trump remains an Executive Producer of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”
  • Media coverage of Trump includes images of his tweets.
  • Our Secretary of State is a former CEO of Exxon, who has close ties to Putin, and no government or diplomatic experience.

As Trump’s Deportation Raids begin, Guadalupe García de Rayos looks out at her son as she is taken away

Week 14: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so… so you’ll remember. Published February 18, 2017

After a slight reprieve last week, this week was again chaos, and the longest weekly list so far. An overarching theme to watch is the consolidation of power: positions in the executive branch are going unfilled and layoffs continue. Meanwhile, Trump, his children, and his small circle of insiders are making all major decisions domestically and abroad.

  1. Trump was tested in his first national security incident, as N. Korea launched intermediate-range ballistic missiles. Trump, at Mar-a-Lago hosting PM Abe, conferred with a small circle of aides AND Abe, using a flashlight app that could have been compromised. Trump then proceeded to stop by a wedding for a photo-op at his club.
  2. The public exchange was captured by a member of the Mar-a-Lago club, who posted it publicly on his Facebook page.
  3. After staying mum about Flynn over the weekend, Trump spokespeople went from saying Flynn “enjoys the full confidence,” to Trump is “evaluating the situation” on Monday. That evening, Flynn “resigned.”
  4. Flynn became the third Trump advisor to resign over inappropriate ties to Russia (others are Manafort and Page).
  5. After firing Flynn, Trump pivoted to blaming the media and intelligence for leaks. He referred to intelligence in quotes, again. Trump also denied any wrongdoing by Flynn.
  6. The NYT reported that several Trump campaign aides had repeated contact with Russia in the year before the election. CNN reported in fact, Trump aides were in constant contact with Russian officials.
  7. Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight Committee, chose to investigate leaks, but not Trump and his regime’s connections to Russia.
  8. AG Sessions refused to recuse himself from investigations into Trump and his regime’s ties to Russia, despite his ties to Trump during the campaign.
  9. As Trump’s battle with intelligence agencies intensified, he brought in loyalist, billionaire hedge fund manager Feinberg to lead a broad review of the intelligence agencies.
  10. The FBI released 400 pages of records from their race discrimination probe of Trump’s real estate company in the 1970s.
  11. The WSJ reported that the Pentagon has no records of approving Flynn’s Russian-TV payment.
  12. WAPO reported that Trump staffers are so scared of being accused of leaking to the media, that they are now using an unsecured secret chat app called Confide to communicate.
  13. After her Senate confirmation, DeVos removed a website for disabled students. After outrage by Democratic senators and the public, it was restored.
  14. A Gallup poll found that Americans see US world standing as the worst in decades. Only 29% think world leaders respect Trump.
  15. The Windsor, Ontario school board cancelled all student trips to the US, citing ‘safety and equity’ concerns.
  16. Trump picked a longtime friend for the post of Ambassador of Austria because Park is a big fan of the ‘Sound of Music.’
  17. Democrats in public, and Republicans in private (mostly) voiced concern about Trump’s mental health. Mental health professionals also warned about Trump.
  18. WH senior policy advisor Miller was awarded “bushels of Pinocchios” for a series of lies told on Sunday talk shows. Pundits compared his tone, demeanor and content to that of propaganda minister.
  19. In one of his first actions as AG, Sessions signaled he would not pursuestates that refused to enforce Obama’s transgender policy.
  20. The list of stores dropping Trump lines continued to grow.
  21. In joint press conferences with heads of state from Japan, Canada and Israel, Trump took two questions each time from only friendly news sources, and refused to take any from the major media present.
  22. Bloomberg reported that while Trump was making calls about the cost of Lookheed’s F-35, the CEO of rival Boeing was in the room.
  23. SoS Tillerson irked his Russian counterpart in their first meeting, when he made journalists leave the room before his opening remarks. “Why did you shush them out?” Lavrov said.
  24. A federal judge in Virginia granted an injunction against Trump’s Muslim Ban. By the end of the week, Trump said he would not appeal.
  25. Trump’s efforts to deport immigrants broadened to include a Dreamer, and detaining a woman who was seeking a protective order against an abusive boyfriend. ICE refused to respond to inquiries by Democrats, as deportations escalated.
  26. The Pentagon may propose sending troops to Syria in response to Trump’s order to come up with proposals to fight ISIS.
  27. After meeting with Trump, Canadian PM Trudeau urged deeper EU-Canadian ties due to Trump’s isolationist policies.
  28. The director of the Office of Government Ethics said there was a “strong reason” to think Conway violated rules, and that disciplinary action is warranted for her on-air comments to buy Ivanka’s brand.
  29. In a room of all white men, Trump signed the repeal of transparency rules for oil companies to disclose foreign payments.
  30. The 23 Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee voted not to require Trump to release his tax returns.
  31. Russia dealt Trump several provocations including: placing a ship outfitted with spying equipment 30 miles off Connecticut’s coast; deploying a cruise missile, in violation of an arms control treaty; and buzzing a US warship in the Black Sea.
  32. Meanwhile, Russian backed forces continued to escalate violence in Ukraine.
  33. Russian-TV’s coverage of Trump started to become less flattering.
  34. The WSJ reported that Trump appointee for Commerce, Ross, wants to keep his stake in 11 entities that he would affect as commerce secretary.
  35. The week after Trump announced he would support China’s “One China” policy, China awarded Trump valuable rights to his name in the form of a 10-year trademark for construction services.
  36. When asked about the alarming rise of anti-Semitism in the US during his press conference with Netanyahu, Trump shifted to bragging about his electoral college victory.
  37. The WSJ reported that US intelligence agencies are withholding information from Trump, citing concerns that information would be leaked or compromised. The DNI and CIA denied this is happening.
  38. Sos Tillerson was conspicuously absent from Trump’s meetings with heads of state. Tillerson also did not invite the customary press corp to accompany him on a truncated trip to a Group of 20 meeting.
  39. POLITICO reported on the frustration of Tillerson, Mathis, Kelly and Pompeo for being left out decision making. Kushner is described as a “shadow Secretary of State,” running his own foreign policy.
  40. The already gutted State Department conducted additional layoffs, a sign that key foreign policies will be made at the WH.
  41. Mother Jones reported on a classified memo for intelligence on how to prepare Trump’s Daily Brief: “less material, less nuance, less dissent.”
  42. Rachel Maddow reported in the Kushners family to desire to buy the Marlins, as the owner who is selling the team is considered by Trump for the plum job of Ambassador to France.
  43. Trump hit his lowest approval level in a Pew Research poll: approve 39%, disapprove 56%, and in Gallup Daily tracking poll: approve 38%, disapprove 56%.
  44. Six of Trump’s staffers were escorted out of the WH after failing their FBI background checks.
  45. Newsweek’s Eichenwald reported that US allies in Europe are conducting their own intelligence operations to assess Trump ties to Russia.
  46. Ten members of Trump’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders resigned citing, “portrayal of immigrants, refugees, people of color and people of various faiths as untrustworthy, threatening, and a drain on our nation.”
  47. Trump hosted an unhinged, lie-ridden, impromptu 80 minute press conference. A GOP Senator texted CNN’s King, ‘He should do this with a therapist, not on live television.’
  48. Also at the press conference, Trump insulted reporter April Ryan when she asked if he planned to arrange a meeting with the CBC. Trump replied, “Do you want to set up the meeting? Are they friends of yours?
  49. Also when asked by a Jewish reporter about anti-semitism, Trump called him a liar, told him to sit down, and said anti-Semitism was coming from “the other side.
  50. WAPO reported that Flynn lied in a January 24 FBI interview, denying sanction discussions with Kislyak. Lying to the FBI is a felony offense.
  51. Harward turned down the offer to replace Flynn, citing a chaotic WH. According to a friend, Harward described Trump’s offer as a “shit sandwich.”
  52. Petraeus also bowed out of consideration for NSA, citing the inability to pick his own staff.
  53. Kushner met with Time Warner executives to complain about CNN’s coverage of Trump. Time Warner has a pending merger with AT&T, which requires governmental approval.
  54. Trump held his first 2020 campaign event today in Florida. A Craigslist ad, which offered money for enthusiastic attendees, was taken down.
  55. AP reported on a leaked draft memo which shows Trump is considering using 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants.
  56. Germany’s Minister of Defense warned the US against hurting European cohesion, abandoning core Western values and cozying up to Russia.
  57. Trump tweeted, then deleted, then expanded his list of media outlets and tweeted, that the media is the “enemy of the American people” — a slogan also used by Lenin and Stalin.
  58. After a closed door meeting between Comey and the Senate Intelligence Committee before leaving for recess, Rubio tweeted, “I am now very confident Senate Intel Comm I serve on will conduct thorough bipartisan investigation of #Putin interference and influence.”
  59. The cost of protecting Trump and his family is staggering. Obama averaged $12mm a year, while Trump’s 3 weekend visits to Mar-a-Lago alone cost $10mm, and the guards at NYC Trump Tower $183mm/year.
  60. Rep Barbara Lee introduced legislation signed by 70+ House Democratsurging the removal of Bannon from the NSC.
  61. PBS, Americorps, Legal Service Corp and the National Endowments for the Arts are all set to be eliminated in Trump’s preliminary budget.

Some Things We’ve Already Normalized:

  • Trump continues to financially benefit from his businesses, AND to gain additional revenues from his position of power (#35, China)
  • Very few open positions in the executive branch are getting filled.
  • Trump has still not come to agreement on the lease of his DC hotel on federal land.
  • Without an official government role, Ivanka Trump continues to attend meetings with heads of state and leaders of corporate America.

Trump’s approval ratings hit a new low (source: Gallup)

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