In a real estate transaction, the stakes are high. From down payments and deposits, inspection issues and closing costs, many with a pending home purchase or

What are the benefits of investing in commercial property?

Many people are drawn to investing in commercial property, and admittedly it can be a very lucrative venture. One of the most obvious benefits of investing in this type of real estate is that there is definitely earning potential through collecting rent from the occupants. On average, commercial properties have between 6%-12% return off the original purchase price!

There are other advantages that aren’t necessarily financial gains, but can definitely offer peace of mind. One thing is that leasing to reputable businesses already have a vested interest in keeping their properties looking great for customers (so you can worry less about potential damages!), and businesses are much more likely to lease for a longer period of time to establish a reputation with their customers. Plus, another advantage is that the lease terms for commercial properties are much more relaxed and aren’t as limiting as the numerous laws surrounding residential properties. This type of real estate can definitely be an investors dream!

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