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Why can’t Canada and the USA be one united country with free borders just like the European Union?

It is impossible for the two to form one country, There was a War in 1812 to keep the US from swallowing up Canada, but if your question is why doesn’t Canada and the US form a international body like the EU to present a united front for things like trade, to the international community?

Of course we CAN, it is just that it is far more difficult than that of the EU. Yes, the EU has alot of countries within it, but they are more similar than different. Just because Canada and the US are neighbours, we are very different countries, especially in fundamentals.

Canada is a Socialist Constitutional Monarchy, while the USA is a Democratically Represented Constitutional Republic. We’ve fought a war in 1812 to keep the US from taking over Canada, so there is history there. the US is about capitalism, self-governance, self-determination and for most of its existance, low taxes. Canada is a socialist nation believing in a social safety net paid for with high taxes. Also the US gives more power to the individual states and they would have to be part of the negotiations, because they would fear losing power and being treated like the Canadian provinces in the deal.

Canada has two official languages, and since they represent an even more miniscule minority in the Canada US merger, it would be logical to use only english as the official language, but that would cause many Quebecers to have a hissy fit, if not an outright heart attack, and may even try to rebel and leave the union, causing the US aid us in occupying them and forcing the new reality upon them. A majority of English speaking Canadians would mutter under our breaths, “Finally, someone came up with a sane solution for those bastards…”, but the UN, spearheaded by France (a country who Quebecers adamantly hate, unless they are helping them with their rights/privileges).

We have different measuring systems, we were forced to change from Imperial to Metric back in the late 70’s, and the US are still Imperial, but even further, There Imperial is Different from the British Imperial that baby boomers and gen x’ers remember using back then.

So these are the basics of what would have to be negotiated and compromised upon to form this NA Union, not to mention Mexico wanting to be part of it, and that’s a major problem in our trade negotiations right now, with the meltdown of the North American Free Trade Agreement. The US has learned its lesson of opening the borders to Mexico, and many are deeply regretting it now.

Now many people list some non-issues as part of being and EU like entity. We would not have to have similar abortion/gun/LGBTQ laws, nor would they have to adopt our Social Safety Net, nor would we have to sacrifice it either. There are many similar differences within the various nations of the EU right now. But these differences would leave many in BOTH countries feeling like they just got into bed with the “coyote ugly” of partners, and would recoil as the “union” was being built.

Between many hurdles the EU doesn’t face and social/political differences between the two, more polarized countries than most would think, there would be no way to overcome in negotiations the chasm that exists between our two countries.