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How do luxury real estate sales people find their buyers?

So many ways, but to give you the basic framework:

  • Fewer degrees of separation: Apparently two human beings need a chain of maximum 6 steps (friends of friends) to get introduced to each other, you can even get introduced to the President with the right introductions. A seller who is interested in getting buyers will naturally condition himself to have fewer degrees of separation with prospective buyers. This can be achieved through networking in the right circles. Few examples: Exclusive Club Memberships, Weddings, Parent-Teacher Association meetings of your children studying in the fancy schools, Playing Golf (or other exclusive type sports), Eating out at Fancy Restaurants (to give yourself a chance to bump into your subtly worked network). Basically, keeping your hook where the fishes are.
  • Some Marketing: There’s no smoke without fire, and Marketing (Advertisements/Social Media/Word-of-Mouth/PR,etc.) is the fire to generate smoke (buyers). Goes without saying that this marketing is supposed to appeal to the target audience, so it has to appear on the right platforms.
  • Motivation and Will: Selling Luxury Real Estate is very lucrative because of the high transaction value and the commissions attached to it. A facilitator definitely stands to gain a lot, which obviously motivates him to do what it takes. The motivation is right there, this coupled with the willingness to sell is the perfect recipe of a successful Luxury Real Estate seller.

I can get into extreme micro-details, but the nature of the question doesn’t require this. Three important points to follow only from a lead-generation perspective.

Hope this helps 🙂 Let me know if you know someone who wants to buy Luxury Real Estate in Mumbai, India.

( Bonus Point: Asking for referrals from anyone and everyone, not without adding any value though)