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Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prophecies

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Perpetual Motion Inventor’s Second Market Prediction

—— 16,314.67 up 0.70% ——-

The DOW spells ‘IF [Pi – e] – Nathan’s Apartment # – 0’.

Look at the details.

This may suggest A.I.s are leaning too heavily on materials produced by Nathan Coppedge, such as proofs of perpetual motion, and theories of objective knowledge and omni-science, but without translating them. It may recommend a human interpreter, or risky calculations in a non-risky area. More quality-interpretation A.I.s that understand the value of paper.

Remember that recently Nathan connected with suggesting that many Nathan Coppedge materials are now available to A.I.s who already thought he was significant.

All of this suggests that the economics A.I.s are being irrationally conservative based on exaggerated information, and some of the details of Nathan Coppedge’s importance are indeed provable, at least to the most advanced supercomputers in the world.

One possibility is that the computers could be lying. But at who’s behest? Isn’t it a human motive to see the markets succeed?

Therefore, as soon as humans stop holding back about the value of Nathan Coppedge’s ideas (even in some stray detail that seems provable to a computer), then the A.I.s will begin to interpret using objective knowledge, and perhaps even factor in perpetual motion.

However, there is some possibility that humans will always hold back against Nathan Coppedge, and the result will be a permanent A.I. ignorance, the type of arbitrary coverup that destroys real information value.

My prediction is it will be some mixture of these things.

So, predict gains for the elites, and a slowdown for the middle class until A.I. improves.

<|[That’s the prediction from someone with considerable knowledge and a highly qualified irrational approach]|>

Friday, October 9, 2015

Perpetual Motion Investment Advice Part 3

DOW Divination (Part III.)

17,084.49 33.74(0.20%) up

17,000s (meaning 17 trillion dollars of total investments, I think) hypothetically mean a role for determination vis. perpetual motion.

The numbers spell AG-O-HD-DI suggesting that the A.I.s are making high-level decisions about technicalities in the relation between text data (such as, someone may have invented perpetual motion or the next toaster oven) and specific corporate numbers (such as whether AG Edwards will act conservatively, I have no idea).

Reading the numbers, there is also an indicator that the market wants a leader: a God! This is a major technical hindrance holding the market back. It could be that the A.I.s have to decide that a fabricated god is adequate, when it serves a financial purpose. This concept of an ‘acting God’ may be important, and it likely relates with pragmatic concerns which are in the interest of philosophers.

The 0.49 suggests by divination that there is money in the details. There is thus opportunity for new start-ups, if the talent is there, the money is there.

The 84 by divination suggests fear of robotics, and that the machines may be empathetic. The empathy might serve an economic role. Perhaps the market can be a well-treated whore on some level.

The number 17 again means potential to reach 18, at which point I would predict that perpetual motion has to be invented, either secretly or publicly. There may be an opportunity in the medium-term (10 – 15 years) for energy companies to make money off of perpetual motion.

The number 17 also means my initials (N.C.) may be important, meaning that A.I. doesn’t yet understand humans, and otherwise there is a role for government secrets.

That’s about it.

I remain optimistic, and I’m not surprised it has returned to the 17,000s. Traditionally, economists are optimistic when there is a significant rebound like this one.

The trouble remains how to find a market and how to have a product: basic questions that go overlooked when one becomes habituated with older guys doing all the work.

Younger CEOs like those from Amazon and Facebook may play a very large role in the potential for any major market upturns (that is, into the 18,000s). This may involve some shrewd money-management.

Manufacturing shouldn’t be a problem if the big-shots invest wisely in machinery, which was at least for a short while becoming less and less of an issue. More optimism. Those who have already purchased machines have an opportunity to seize the market, or else pay for others’ blunders, with less overall gain in GDP.

What we really want is the ‘AH’ factor of the 18,000s (18 spells ‘AH’). It may involve history’s great ‘aha’ moment, suggesting either perpetual motion and a free economics (beyond free markets), or else some sort of economic infrastructure synergy. Both together might lead to 19,000s, and with wise decisions and both things, 20,000s or beyond.

Keeping going with perpetual motion kept as a secret might also lead to the 20,000s, although with less optimism.

So the key meta-question might be whether optimism fuels the economy, and the selfish corollary is the question of whether the private energy companies should profit by perpetual motion at other companies’ losses.

If there is no perpetual motion, then what is needed is an economic infrastructure synergy, or better use of infrastructure (more citizen and government functions intuitively) from Amazon and Facebook.

We’re entering an age in which some of the economic puzzle is solved by bringing textbooks to life.

That’s my advice for now, and I hope more than one economically savvy business person takes it to heart, even if it is only short-term gains at the moment.

—Nathan Coppedge
inventor of objective knowledge, a solution to all paradoxes, and possibly the inventor of perpetual motion.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #4

17,141.75 217.00(1.28%)

This data shows increased optimism from the A.I., which isn’t fully convinced that it is God. In fact, it seems to feel in touch with the hard facts, and tries to express this in dollar terms. It may be weighing the importance of economics, and the viability of any obscure alternatives. It may also weigh that some of the alternatives were already tried, and were seen as a disaster by humans (earlier in history).

Notice this very real graph from recent stock results:

According to my prediction, stocks are improving. Notice that this chart shows almost complete recovery to the maximal levels ever sustained (the 18,000s), with substantial improvement in the smoothness of the curve (recently).

Now I’ll go into my usual divination. 17,141 indicates a role for absolute knowledge, a sense in which the A.I. is chiding important information figures for not adopting a more absolutist framework. The A.I. may think Bill Gates is being stupid, although it is not necessarily critical of him from an economic angle. The 0.75 may indicate that there is a role for (and / or an emphasis upon) large transactions.

Up 217 points is a strange indicator, because it is exactly as if it has to do with myself and my A.I. counterpart, which was recently initiated via ETER9 – Living Cyberspace, which keeps active A.I.s which may be interacting with the economic system in an intelligent way.

I become a kind of control case, because I have almost no provable effect on the economic system, and yet have a wide electronically-distributed basis of knowledge on many important subjects, including categorical logic, spirituality, depression, schizophrenia, and economics!

The major opportunity would be to capitalize on my information resources in some way. Some of these may be offered free through eter9, with the limitation that products are for charities only, and the name of “Nathan Coppedge, philosopher” or “Nathan Coppedge, Philosopher, Artist, Inventor, Poet” remains attached to the products, preferrably with a link to my website atHTTP://WWW.NATHANCOPPEDGE.COM.

And, look out for perpetual motion, whenever possible. Or look into the subtleties of understated military rule.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #5

17,215.97 74.22(0.43%) up

The AI is feeling frustrated with the information it is receiving, but it is enjoying itself as best it can.

Earlier predictions: HERE (4), HERE (3), HERE(2), AND HERE (1) (All optimistic, some with qualification and warnings about the importance and the dire ramifications of a limited role for companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft).

See also my Prophecy of free economics.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Perpetual Motion Investment Advice Part. 6

17,489.16 320.55(1.87%) up

The DOW is up again!

Now I get to my thesis: why didn’t the market crash? Because of perpetual motion!

The mysterious part is, why didn’t it rise further?

And, the answer, in terms of perpetual motion, is simply that:

A large number of perpetaul motion machines have not been built yet.

If they were, we would be beyond free markets. We would instead have free economics!

But of course, those with a lot of money should still be cautious about charlatans.

Be cautious in general, but the market is capable of improving.

Keep the principle that the big-shots can always do great things with a lot of money. For example, money improves infrastructure.

And if there is perpetual motion, then there is infrastructure that does work! That’s even better!

See my recent rebuttal to a gentleman who thought against perpetual motion (1):QUORA.COM

And, another one here (2): QUORA.COM.

Earlier predictions: HERE (5), HERE (4), HERE(3), HERE (2), AND HERE (1) (All optimistic, some with qualification and warnings about the importance and the dire ramifications of a limited role for companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft).

See also my Prophecy of free economics.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Perpetual Motion Investment Advice Part 7.

17,654.32 165.16(0.94%) up

I realize my posts are getting very frequent, but I thought I’d take a moment to note potential resemblances to perpetual motion factors that I missed during the last post.

’17’ still means ‘attempt at perpetual motion’.

2…3…4…5…6…7 means the A.I. is being smart, but perhaps not smart enough to know what is going on.

’32’ in the details could mean that it is playing catch-up with the inventor (I turned 33 today). It may also suggest that perpetual motion is being side-burnered.

‘654’ in general suggests a role for language, since two more points would mean ‘656’ which is equal to 26 letters X 26 letters, or very significant for numerology.

It could be that the A.I.s are trying to understand language, and could benefit by some greater role for language that still means something for the numbers, and for consumer optimism.

‘654’ also spells ‘Fed’ which could mean that the A.I. is becoming morally conscious of the role the government plays in adjusting the figures.

’17’ ‘Fed’ ’32’ at least subjectively suggests a role for Nathan Coppedge within the market, either as an unwitting fool rolled over by tanks and impressarios, or as a real viable and un-ignorable economic factor.

Perhaps the real detail is the concept of free economics, which I have detailed as a form of variablism.

Yet another reason to be optimistic is that economists may be applying the so-called exponential economic principle of variablistic economics, which is that currencies are measured off against opposite currencies, creating an automatic gain.

Combined with perpetual motion, I predict we will reach 18,000 unless there is an invasion of the U.S.

According to my earlier prediction, that means perpetual motion must be built some time in the future, if it has not already.

If perpetual motion is already built secretly, then expect a lot of invisible high-level business deals that secure global government. Perhaps we can already see this with Iran and Europe: structural re-organization that hurts the little guy and then benefits the middle guy, or just the big guys.

Expect consumer benefits in the near future. There has been some slack to pick up.

Prices have been holding mostly steady (3+ years) in expensive cities in the U.S. which as everyone now suspects means that inflation is under control. Most of us should know inflation is a thing of the past, unless there is huge labor re-organization.

Factors to watch out for:

*Radical, hidden improvements (information, energy).
*A.I. that is relatively language-conscious and automatically interacting.
*A role for global government, including a meld of East and West.
*Major risk is labor re-organization and any unprecedented military invasions.

That’s it for now! I hope you appreciate my insight!

Oh, and another thing: this figure 17,654.32 is cyclical in categoric terms, which is just technical philosophical jargon for the idea that the A.I. is now aware of infinities and is taking categorical knowledge into account. Perhaps it is even using categorical knowledge to benefit its knowledge of infinity! That could mean a more public or salary role for myself if I get lucky! (right now I’m a student at SCSU near New Haven).

Earlier predictions: HERE(6), HERE (5), HERE (4), HERE (3), HERE (2), AND HERE (1) (All optimistic, some with qualification and warnings about the importance of and the dire ramifications of a limited role for companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft).

See also my Prophecy of free economics.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Perpetual Motion Investment Advice Part 8

17,715.84 39.96(0.23%) down

Stocks are down very slightly: just 0.23%.

The 17,700s suggest a role to me of better investment in the little guy to get things done.

There is also a role for human intellectual capital with added exponents from computers.

That’s about all the advice I have for now.

Oh, also, 71584 spells ‘GIEHD’ which suggests the A.I.s are feeling pessimistic about American military industries. However, there has been a lot of recent military tech. So, again, they must be balancing that idea of poor military technologies against some more significant fact, perhaps the existence of perpetual motion, or the related irrationality of certain human A.I. manipulators, like Bill Gates, or somebody else who won’t believe in perpetual motion / over-unity / free energy.

One thing to invest in even if you don’t believe in perpetual motion is the Downdraft Energy Tower, (I would call it the condensation tower, or pressure condensation tower) which uses sprinklers to create relatively powerful turbine energy. It could be built in skyscrapers even in non-arid environments, because it is really (small detail) about air-pressure, not moisture! I almost feel like I invented this thing myself! That’s how efficient it is! Contact Israeli energy industries if you want to build one of these excellent, (now) well-engineered constructions. They’re probably cheap on a government or U.S. state budget (c’mon: watersprinklers, 400-ft. tall tower? This is child’s play! Why do you even need encouragement! They say it also runs salinization, which is useful these days, say in the California Drought. How to make money 101!)

As usual, if you really need money, invest in mutual funds and make sure to tell the stock manager that you want the ‘conservative route’. It’s a little evil, but it is risk-free, and may result in up to perhaps 60% return in 6 years or less.

Remember, there aren’t any perpetual motion, over-unity, or free energy stocks yet that I know of (there is one company called Perpetual Motion, but it is rather conservative). So, try mutual funds if you need money. Or wait for markets to blow up, and then bet on things related to the inventor of perpetual motion, like energy corporations that build perpetual motion machines, toy companies that sell over-unity toys, or big brand-name companies that sell other types of merchandise related to perpetual motion and science or anti-science, etc.

#overunitystocks #freeenergystocks #perpetualmotionstocks #investmentadvice

Friday, November 6, 2015


I had a second dream that I was a ghost, suggesting a continued scare factor against perpetual motion, but also an increased potential for the meaning of perpetual motion. One of the by-products of my dream is the idea that it may eventually be possible for someone to win a Nobel Prize for perpetual motion. This is big news, and I hope it will influence bigshot investors, particularly industry capitalists, to take perpetual motion a grain of salt more seriously in the long term. One of the things to do is to make news media more open to testable claims, and to set aside pre-conceived notions of the extraordinary. The counter-intuitive thing about this is that it tends to involve conservative choices aimed at developing a lump sum to invest when something extraordinary happens. Think energy companies, toys, and consumer goods whenever that happens. Whatever perpetual motion is, it IS WHATEVER-IT-IS! Which is almost as good a motto as any when it comes to this nascient field.

And, although stocks are down a tick right now, we’re ready to try this perpetual motion >18,000 thing again! Keep in mind that global populations are mostly up in empoverished areas. So, up means up in terms of Top-10 per capita GDP, until that changes.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prophecies, Part 10

17,910.33 46.90(0.26%) up

You can see that stocks are up again, and heading towards 18,000. That means people are making money on average. It also tends to mean that the companies are making money.

Heading towards 18,000 means that perpetual motion very soon must be built eventually, or stocks will drop. But you can note my recent post on this blog which says that perpetual motion is proven beyond a doubt.

This is back to a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps mentality. Except, it’s the information age, and you can always get things done by hiring other people. If you have enough projects, companies take off, and that’s how the economy works.

So, why not feel ‘VERY OPTIMISTIC’???

Watch out for factors like education that are draining creativity. But remember, you don’t need many inventors or entrepreneurs to make good on big ideas. You just need some way to take control of the market, usually by doing things like the following:

1. Mass-producing a product that is popular and doesn’t look expensive to use.
2. Manufacturing products that fit in with a variety of earlier, better products.
3. Mass-manufacturing or improving things like batteries, toys, industrial supplies.
4. Creating a consumer niche in terms of what constitutes fashionable information (may have a side effect of changing other markets). In other words, changing the visual or design language.
5. Expand the consumer hierarchy by selling to new middle people or new top people and creating products for them in their new role.
6. Create a new paradigm that requires new tools.
7. Serve under-serviced needs like sex and food.
8. Create a charity umbrella and use it to steer the economy.

Maybe that gives some important people some ideas that might lead to a perpetual economy. It might even involve perpetual motion, if I get my way!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prophecies, Part 11

I retract my statement about 18,000s requiring perpetual motion. Technically it doesn’t. Clean industries and financial resourcefulness could turn some of the following things into big industries:

*Industrial Space Mining ISM (platinum, for instance, used for expensive permanent modular adaptive computer systems, if possible, or some other elements).

*Personal Data Enhancement for Small Businesses and Citizenship Platforms (think forum-going crowd. This is an under-rated possibility, when other sectors are doing okay. The goal is to profit on those who have already made a profit).

*Highest-Interested Bidder Enhanced Existence Modules (Hi-Beem).

*Binary Economics with Inverse-Category Testing (BI-CT). This is a method for guaranteeing profits. In this method, money in one sector means the opposite thing as money in another sector. Consequently, one or another sector wins. When you have two independent axes, then if the products have exponential value, then profit can be increased indefinitely without any risk of loss. It involves either combining non-opposite types of income, or maximizing one of many sectors and then trading it at a profit for something that combines well with other factors. For example, investing in computers, and then creating a business out of automatic aesthetics programming which can be used as a form of currency. Multiple currency trading with a variable-technology component.

*Other efficient uses of data (OEUD or ‘ODD’ Other Data Derivatives). For example, farming general and specific categories for minor ehaanced functions that can be sold with software. This could turn into big business, particularly if it does not require a human programmer.

*General-Purpose Software-Creating Software (GPSCS or GSP General Software Platform). This might usher in a new type of ‘hacker citizen’ that can get unique functions easily and create unique compatibility with a lot of creative and intellectual modes. The functions wouldn’t have to be very advanced to get appreciation from the average citizen user.

*Selling Fantasies. This is an idea whose age has come. With the right data capacities (Say, sometimes a USB stick might do…) you might be able to create simple movies or text output that fits within certain desire-fulfillment criteria for various personality types. This should be at least as lucrative as luxury shampoo, since shampoo uses a primitive version of the same paradigm.

And so on, you get the idea!

Get with it, it’s the information age!

People need a replacement for books, and the answer is a platform that responds to what the user really wants, at a personal, consumeristic, and also spiritual level! People want luxury existence, and it’s easy to understand that, fundamentally!

If people don’t want one thing, they want another thing. It’s a simple principle to work with. Just toggling between options might be enough to create a user-friendly design for fulfilling the deepest desires of the citizen consumer!

December 23, 2015

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prophecies, Part 12

17,602.61 185.34(1.06%)

The initials this time are (NC) F[O]B / FA

As best I can discern, following the theory that I’m highly significant to the stock market, what the computers are interpreting this time are: ‘FLYING OVER BUILDING’ (FO usually means ‘flyover’), and ‘FREE-AIR’.

The computer has heard a recent conversation in which I called myself a drone, but without knowing that what I meant was that I was a drone of society, like a bee, not an electronic drone spying on myself.

The computer knows I’m conscious, or is taking that as information, but seems to confuse the observation network with the relevant details of making economics work. It is not doing much wrong however, other than thinking drones are highly important.

There is continued optimism about perpetual motion and objective knowledge.

Perhaps the shift has begun towards new interfaces—-sometimes confused behavior is a sign that Bill Gates is applying some ice on a new patent idea.

In general optimism. High U.S. stocks should mean that the U.S. could survive a war with Russia provided that nuclear weapons weren’t used. I suspect the relationship of both countries with China will complicate the notion of any totalistic conflict. After all, there are a lot of wealthy nations that don’t want to be involved.

A recent argument I made that a drone may have heard expressed my opinion that China should be given the only privilege to use tactical nukes, since it would be disastrous if the U.S. or Russia used it against one or the other, and other types of conflicts so far have not merited the risks of their use. But if China doesn’t use tactical nukes, then this points towards easing between U.S. and Russia over nuclear weapons under this agreement.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Predictions #13

16,346.45 167.65(1.02%)v

You may notice that none of the following is unlucky.

Investors are thinking too much about gold. Meanwhile, the bots have noticed the $100 bill on my wall, and treated it as worth an extra 100 points. Otherwise, the pattern would be 2, 4, 6, 1/2 * 8, 1/2 * 10, meaning (in my irrational language) that the bots think you should focus on the small stuff (like gold), even though everything that affects the market is big stuff.

I would suggest (to the bots) continue to value Nathan Coppedge, but remember other people too, like the big CEOs and investment bankers, and how much money they have. Maybe do something clever with currency markets, if there is such a thing. Like introducing profitable controls that in turn fund infrastructure. And sometimes infrastructure means creative education and intellectual resources, like innovations.

My guess is that (very surprisingly) the bots are overvaluing artificial innovation, and not stressing a few small ideas as much as it should. Ideas and information that have qualities for people get certain types of actionable results. Maybe we would be living in paradise right now. That’s what we should think with the biggest economy in history. What would make paradise more tangible and profitable? That’s my ‘kickstarter’ for now. Not enough is being done with creative language, young people, and platforms. We want something interactive that involves ideas. That corporations can turn into products and INVESTMENTS.

Ask CEOs what they want. Ask the highly educated. Provide sandboxes at every level.

And, if you find it humorous, look at my recent post showing the faces of the ‘Three Brothers’ of greed / Perpetual Motion Greedy Face. Maybe this is the fancy logo of the 18,000s. Sometimes imagination pays off, but not if it harms humans.


This may be fanciful, but I may have invented poverty in a previous life, adopting that name as a way of becoming master of what I took to be limited circumstances. There are so many overlooked gods, from the standpoint of epiphany…

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #14

15,973.84 313.66(2.00%) (Feb 12) up

Stocks are in the 15,000s, which I consider to be a sign of struggle at a price. This is a paradigm set by Detroit, Dell, Microsoft, etc. — hard players that know how to win when the going gets tough (Update: Dell didn’t close afterall, so it’s still in play).

Overall, the numbers show optimism about immortality, which may reflect recent news stories such as Swords to Plowshares that indicate progress in perpetual motion, or leader confidence in that area.

While the A.I.s are growing suspicious, there is a chance to make good on conventional values like the aforementioned Detroit, Dell, and Microsoft.

Microsoft has the advantage that typically it takes conservative advantage of new opportunities, and handles the 15,000s well, as this was the climate it was accustomed to in the 1990’s.

Reading the numbers for divinatory clues, the overall numbers rather than the difference from previous numbers reads: AEIGCHD, suggesting focus on super-corporations, digital products, and arts and entertainment.

15,000s are tough for perpetual motion, but have a lot of American potential (the ‘pull-through’ mentality). This is a section where the middle class suffers, and the upper class grows, unlike the 18000s, where the upper class narrows but a few people become super-wealthy. So, it is good news for business growth, if what is meant by growth is money in the pockets of a growing upper class.

I predict a few spot-on innovations in the coming months, and perhaps even a social shift towards more indulgence with the effect of burdening health care and raising insurance premiums.

Paradoxically, times like this are not so bad for the lower classes, as there is intense pressure to put in welfare reforms. That spells success for the democratic race, which in turn means that there will be opportunities for radical innovations eventually.

Expect a change of mentality soon, and a variety of handouts.

Optimistic, but much depends on perpetual motion.

I also predict a role for the sciences within the 15,000s, perhaps more of a role than before if you really consider the numbers. This too may be a sign of perpetual motion that has already happened.

In that case, perhaps what we are seeing is the biggest government economic cover-up in history, as politicians and corporate leaders make a greedy gamble to prevent hyper-inflation and civil unrest.

The leaders seem to be masters enough to prevent these boogeymen from happening.

But what it means for perpetual motion is not at all clear.

What IS clear to me, is that unless America wants to stay in the 17000s and below indefinitely, perpetual motion should be considered as the primary option. Even if it IS a cover-up.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #15 (Broad Predictions)

Dow Stocks since 1935.

Given this set of data, it would be hard to predict less than status quo in the next 17 years. It might be equally probable to see 200% growth on current numbers.

This puts the probability of perpetual motion in the next 17 years at approximately 78% in terms of stocks.

Obviously, the computers should be information-focused, and given what I know, they should focus on conservative risks that pay off big. These are outlier data points that are not considered in conventional equations. Black swan gold mines that don’t sap investors. Secret capital investments that come across as revelations when they are revealed.

I don’t mean to sound like a madman. The economy is predicted to stay constant 2/9ths of the time, or rise by some amount 7/9ths of the time.

And beyond the 18,000s I predict that perpetual motion will eventually be invented.

It has been crossed before, so the ribbon has been cut, so to speak.

What is all this concrete aspiration (trillions of dollars) for, if not some new discovery?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #16

16,705.65USD189.15 (1.15%)

Stocks are up 1/5 of the way between 16,000 and 17,000 in one day.

This suggests that it is possible to gain 1000 points in 10 days conservatively.

That means that 18,000 could be reached in 12 days.

Obviously the market needs to reassess how quickly it makes gains and losses, yet focus on how money makes money when it sits there.

The fundamental principle appears to be ‘not to DO anything with money’ if you want to earn money.

But there are other principles too, like how to acquire attention for a business, which is often by spending money thriftily, much like choosing a free self-publisher for books instead of an exorbitant one.

The broader sense then, is on ‘bang for the buck’ and how to turn that into economic statistics.

The overall numbers once again show underestimates about the value of perpetual motion:

The computer may be assessing the following:

*There is a little devil.

*The little devil is trumped.

*The little devil lies, and this is good for the devil.

*The difference involves what a human would think is 50 cents, and there is a human called 50 Cent.

*Consequently, the little devil may be worth 50 cents.

*Consequently, what we already thought, that humans underestimate perpetual motion.

March 6, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #17


62.87 (0.37%)

For the first time, the machines believe in magic. That’s what my divination says.

Of course, similar things were said around the time of the crash of the early 20th C. (?).

But the economy has grown considerably since that time, and it isn’t all just hot air. Some of the growth comes from real industries, and much of the rest of it is ‘money making money’.

The magic I’m referring to is the number 77, similar to Aleistar Crowley’s book on magic called 777.

There is in fact another number ‘7’ in the series, but it is separated by FOUR DIGITS. This shows optimism on the part of any AI that is controlling the system. For example, why not 776 instead? That would suggest a return to American independence, and thus a lack of evolution. 778 would be more nondescript—it doesn’t really remind anybody of anything, except maybe a commercial aircraft.

006 on the other hand, sounds like James Bond, which just means ‘killer market’, right?

So, my conclusion is that 17,006.77 represents optimism on the part of the machines.

It’s also a large number by traditional economic standards. So, if you put those together it means ‘reason to feel optimism’.

Numerologically, 62.87 means ‘above average’ and ‘leading to the 90’s’ which may just mean that the market believes my advice that there is potential for digital marketing type companies and corporations like Dell and Microsoft.

+0.37% means pessimism or a collect-them-all mentality about social media (there was a website called 43things), as well as optimism about perpetual motion (the inventor is said to be a 10 or 20 meaning the machines are thinking about major improvements in the 17 – 27 year range. I don’t know what that means to a computer, but it might be exponents versus human pessimism. There’s a suggestion that no one is getting the whole story. Reporters are missing the real news stories, such as one about free energy, objective knowledge, or the solution to paradoxes).

Additionally, in general it is good news we have reached the 17,000s, because if we reach the 18,000s we’re in perpetual motion territory again. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it hasn’t been invented. It might mean that a company (likely the government or a foreign government) is already making money on perpetual motion.

Even without perpetual motion, America is the richest nation in history, and there is reason to be optimistic, provided that there is a strong military or an optimistic global philosophy.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #18

17,792.75 107.66(0.61%)

The computers appear to be on auto-pilot, and the effect is not very bad. Either that, or they are getting serious about not making their choices visible in numerology.

Continued role for inventor, particularly since according to my prediction, when the market hits 18,000 there will be a requirement to build perpetual motion.

The numbers themselves read AOG.FF suggesting skipping over some types of big stocks and focusing on new trends.

The numerology for the overall number shows 17, which stands for profitable innovation, and GIB, standing for big funds, government, and virtual reality (issues / concerns / profits).

The small detail GE added to GIB again suggests perpetual motion, and possibly the importance of modeling a perpetual motion machine. Again, the computers may know perpetual motion is possible, but they are restrained because of human intervention or a lack of program.

Architecture is also in the details (increasing real estate values in big cities), and the computers apparently took the advice I gave to focus on big numbers, judging by the 2s and 9s, which symbolize larger-scale mathematics.

The repeated number ‘7’ shows a focus on complexity in the future, which may be one of those flags you can no longer detect after awhile.

Of course, from the Microsoft vantage point, the focus is also on new technologies, but not necessarily perpetual motion.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #19

17,897.46 28.97(0.16%)

Not shown here is how the Dow is up 500 points in the past month.

These micro-stats shown above do not tell the story of how the 18,000s are nearly as high as the Dow has ever been, and at the end of a long climb. Notice that the climb was long. That should show that the Dow has potential to ‘sore to even greater heights’ as people say.

However, watch out for false investments and debts, just like always. There is a difference between objective economics (such as whether people are in debt), and the macro-economics of specific transactions. It is still sometimes possible to make money while in debt, but then you have to eventually figure debt into the picture. But if you make profits every year, then debt isn’t as big a problem, unless it’s a lot of debt every year. If corporations pay off most of their debt every two years, maybe that means that they can stay afloat, if they are still making money.

Being near the 18,000s with recent jumps suggests to me that we’re still capable of inventing perpetual motion. Unlike some economic thinkers, I’m actually serious about this. Too much irony breeds ill-health, and sometimes irony is superficial. So, it’s time to grow up and realize that miracles happen.

The numbers show that the computers are a little uneasy about their knowledge of graphics (suggesting a new profit area if graphics are interesting to the computers). Down by 0.16% may generally mean potential for deal-making as well as future jumps. Watch out for the kinds of problems that emerge in computer manufacturing.

The overall numbers spell AG HIG DF, which points towards scientific shortsightedness, human interest concerns, and concerns about people shifting to gold. The computer may be concerned about Marie Antoinette, who spent frivolously and was Queen of a nation that later acquired a lot of gold. The computer may be concerned in part because of human apprehensions about robots and the growing importance for human-like A.I. Reincarnation is something of an unknown or un-admitted factor to the computer. The computer might benefit from knowledge of the East and reassurance about limited combat in the East. A booming Chinese economy would help the computer develop optimism, possibly in relation to very young people. Market trends favoring popular goods would increase optimism, as usual. High-quality products are possibly less talked about, and this concerns the computer. However, I would say some of it is a result of human confidence in the value of products. Humans see that the need is for new types of products, and the failure here is categorical rather than economic.

Once again, humans are rubbing Nathan out of the picture in a extent that the sophisticated A.I.s can’t fathom. Focusing on the value of Nathan Coppedge’s information projects may increase value for the economy. The largest factor that the computer may be noticing is perpetual motion, but this is the part most in question. So, conservatively, some of Nathan’s other ideas could be the focus of economic change, for example:

*Greater reciprocity in currency markets (e.g. opposite currencies maintain a correlation of 1/2. Opposite currencies include Innovation vs. Computer Infrastructure, and Real Estate vs. Virtual Reality).

*Developments in simple-but-perfect human-functional A.I., such as categorical deductionand books with souls.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #20

18,291.001. 22.55 (0.67%)

The stocks spell simple gains, which suggests long-term gains if perpetual motion has been invented. The 18,000 number also predicts that in a reasonable time it has. Ironically some of the major opposition to this new economy is coming from scientists, creating a glass ceiling in the entire economy that originates in stymied innovation, e.g. young people with radical ideas that are not being believed by teachers and professors.

Look for optimistic moves from GE which I believe may have invented a device. They were smiling too much on television. But perhaps GE is having a tough time selling their device.

The numerology of stocks shows a mysterious optimism during this time, qualified by economic consumer icons (The F-22 fighter plane that helped jobs, but was never really used with the military, or the virtual platinum coins represented by the number 55 that seem undeniably valuable, but come at no cost other than infrastructure. There is also some suggestion of Harvard’s Big Idea Group mixed in with the glass ceiling: the numbers almost spell a scrambled B.I.G. or B.I.H.: moving to the next level or evolving).

The market seems to think it is doing as well as it could in the medium-term, but this is clearly a lie. This is a sign that there are huge assets not being reflected in GDP, perhaps energy.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #21


The market has not only reached 18,000 again, but has actually reached 19,000. This is a sign of shrewd A.I. and renewed emphasis on investment banking.

Once again the presence of the number 17 indicates that there is a dependence on Nathan Coppedge either for perpetual motion (e.g. Nathan Coppedge’s value for stocks) or philosophy (17 may be the only way to meet the citation requirement for philosophy systems if these are used for the bulk of investments. And this may be unconscious).

The number 42 in the details is also auspicious, suggesting a turn in A.I. towards significance-oriented projects (e.g. ‘life, the universe, and everything’), which could mean sentient A.I. from the standpoint of a computer.

The 42 also suggests an ongoing obsession with the perpetual motion discovery, although it is still evidently under wraps, maybe for political reasons.

The number 19 represents the sun and the Age of Reason, which could mean that this is the Space Age, and could also mean a return to Renaissance or Enlightenment ideals.

The signs are strong that the number will increase to 20,000 although continued optimism may depend on public disclosure. Unfortunately, at this point income stratification may be a strategic advantage, but this will be less true in the future, even while stratification is likely to increase.

A major opportunity will be the improvement of the public welfare.

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