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What do you people think of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP?

Writing anonymously as I don’t want myself to be a target of people who disagree with me, such is the state of our democracy. Anyhow, my points and thoughts will reach you. It does not matter who I am.( I am a student and not affiliated to any political party, though I support AAP). I am regularly updating this answer as and when I encounter new initiatives of AAP under New Updates section.

I think of Kejriwal as a true nationalist who wants to change how our society functions, focus on things which we take for granted and work for the betterment of everyone. We talk a lot about how our education system needs an overhaul, how our hospitals should have better quality, how our police should be more empathetic etc. But are our chosen leaders working in that direction?

Kejriwal and AAP show character and the respect they have for democracy when they appoint a leader of opposition even though next largest political party got only 3 seats (constitution mandates LoOpp for largest party with min 10% seats). His actions show the stuff he is made of, if he wanted, he could have chosen to not appoint one. Not like other leaders who touches ground on entering parliament, getting sentimental entering the temple of democracy and not even appointing Leader of Opposition so that a healthy democratic discussion can take place in the “temple of democracy”.(we don’t have a leader of opposition in lok sabha as largest party after NDA is congress which failed to get 10% seats).

I believe Kejriwal is doing things that matter. Lets. talk about main aspects of his initiatives one by one.

Lets talk about education first:

  • He and Manish Sisodia are working very hard to improve education in Delhi. They are focussing on quality teacher training. Any school is made good or bad by its teachers, nothing else matters more than this. Scandinavian countries has one of the best education system in the world. Because they respect their teachers and teacher training is top class. Every year scores of ministers and bureaucrats go abroad to learn about technologies to solve problem in India like Israel for agriculture and irrigation. But when AAP went to EuropeSweden/Ireland (I dont remember), we made fun of Manish eating ice cream. Manish has partnered with Singapore to start teacher training program. He himself did not go but sent his principals to other countries to get good training. Delhi govt teachers to undergo training at NIE, Singapore – Times of India
  • Children must get sports/arts/music facility in school. There are reports that Delhi government has renovated grounds and swimming pools in their school. People question that instead of swimming pool, students should get better classrooms first. I don’t disagree, but wherever possible, if government schools are providing these facilities, its for the good. Also, 8000 new classrooms have been built by AAP. Children from poor background should also have a chance to live their childhood and realise their talents. We know there are abuse in families, so if a child gets chance to learn some sports or arts in school, it will help him/her to live her childhood happily. That’s similar to when west made fun of our space programme when our people are poor. How 54 model schools in Delhi are making a difference
  • Having summer camp in schools is one of the best step taken by Delhi government. People with resources try their children get to learn new things in summer camps so why not government school children. In a first, summer camps to be held in Delhi govt schools – Times of India and Introduced for the first time for Class VI students: Summer camps in Delhi govt schools a hit with kids
  • I listen on FM advertisements of Delhi schools that extra classes are being conducted for children in 12th classes. I studied in a private school and we have extra classes in our winter vacations in board classes. So, why not teachers help government school children in their studies by putting extra efforts.Delhi govt schools to organise remedial classes during summer break
  • Have you ever heard parent-teacher meetings happening in government schools? In private schools, its a regular affair. AAP conducted PTMs in government schools of Delhi. In my opinion, its a wonderful step as a parent must take part in his/her child’s education and AAP is giving them a chance. This increases child’s chances of success in school and may also help in improve home’s environment. Parent-teacher meetings held in govt. schools! and A meeting, a start: Parents, teachers get together in Delhi govt schools
  • His crackdown on private schools is a healthy thing because private schools were acting like Gods without any supervision.
  • 700% increase in Delhi government students who cleared JEE in 2016–17. Over 700% rise in cracking JEE by Delhi Govt school students
  • Collateral free loans upto Rs 10 Lakhs for Delhi students for higher studies. AAP govt approves loan scheme for higher education

Lets talk about Health:

  • Mohalla clinics is very crucial part of health sector. People are not understanding its importance. In Delhi, we have big government hospitals which are filled with crowd. Now, most of the patients are there for primary healthcare such as fever, stomachache, BP, cold etc. It creates long queues in hospitals and causes people to lose their day’s wage. Mohalla clinics try to decrease burden on big hospitals. By providing a doctor and medicine in a small but large number of clinics, AAP is targeting these patients to get consultancy quickly. The doctor can prescribe medicine for smaller ailments like the ones mentioned earlier and refer only the serious cases to big hospitals. This will help decrease load and help our economy also. Seven things to know about Delhi’s mohalla clinics praised by world leaders
  • Surgery in government hospitals are generally very low cost affair, but waiting time is huge. People get surgery date for 3–6–12 months. Same thing for various tests. Now, what AAP did is, if a patient gets delayed date, for say after 1 month(I dont remember exactly), he/she can get his treatment done in a private hospital but expenses will be paid by government. Now, this is an excellent step, as any government is like a service provider. You pay taxes for services. If those services are not provided on a reasonable time, what’s the use? Delhi, Free Surgery In Private Hospital If Wait Is Long, Says Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal
  • His crackdown on private hospitals which are negligent is commendable. Also, some private hospitals are built on land given freely/subsidised by government on some conditions like, some percentage of beds should be reserved for Economically Weaker Sections. But it was not being implemented. Crony capitalism is at play here. Our land is given to private players on collusion with politicians and those conditions are not honoured. Kejriwal is making sure that those contracts are honoured.

Bijli Paani:

  • Water is basic necessity like air and food. If a government is giving water free of cost upto a limit, then its not a freebie. Its the duty of government to do so. By placing a limit on free water, AAP is promoting water conservation.
  • There are reports that AAP is trying to make available drinkable tap water to every home. Drinking water straight from taps in Delhi soon, AAP govt launches pilot project
  • Electricity is a service and should be charged reasonably, not to provide huge benefits to private players. They should profit, no doubt, but reasonably and should be made answerable to people. AAP has reduced electricity bills and also in this fiscal, there has been drastic cut in load shedding. Delhi witnessed lowest ever power cuts this fiscal


New Updates:

He and his AAP is trying to create a society of confident individuals. Investing in human resources should one of the top priorities of our nation. AAP is doing exactly that.

I honestly don’t see any other state government working so hard at providing basic amenities to citizens. People question where is free WiFi, I say it will come. I believe they are working on the things which matter the most first. And even if the WiFi doesn’t come, I am happy with the work they are doing.

Kejriwal and his party do some weird things, which I don’t appreciate but those don’t matter to me as much as the impressive work they are doing. Political leaders speak very well but their actions are not upto the mark. Kejriwal speak what comes to his mind, it may not be very pretty statement, but there is truth in it and his actions speak way louder than his words. When he blame centre in roadblocking his work, I may or may not believe him. But when his bills are rejected by centre and similar bills are passed by centre for other states or centre, I believe him(like, he was not allowed to raise MLAs salary from Rs 20K to Rs 80K but MPs salary was increased from Rs ~1.4 Lakh to Rs 2.6 Lakh). When his 21 MLAs are disqualified by EC. Even though Delhi assembly passed the bill retrospectively but rejected by centre, I believe him as other states like Haryana appointed PS but not one MLAs of theirs were disqualified and earlier in 1997 BJP govt in Delhi and then later, Shiela Dixit govt did the same thing, and centre allowed it. There is some truth in these allegation. Before AAP, the BJP and Congress Had Perfected the Art of Profiting from Offices of Profit The swiftness with which Delhi Police arrests AAP MLA is commendable. I just hope same swiftness is shown in cases involving other political parties.

The latest case of Chief Secretary is disappointing but in that case too I am not sure what really happened in there. There is no place for violence in democracy. The IAS association and other associations were quick to stand up for CS. I see them from scepticism as there were instances of abuse of IAS officers earlier and they were not so keen back then. Where were they when CBI raided Kejriwal’s PS Rajendra Kumar? I am not sure if he is found guilty. Or the case of Durga Shakti Nagpal or Sanjeev Chaturvedi. Why was there not a similar backlash from these associations? Because AAP is a small party and its easy to stand against them and not against the established ones. Even Ashok Khemka, the decorated IAS officer has spoken on somewhat similar lines about treatment meted to officers and the role played by these associations: Bureaucrats face far worse than the slapping incident in Delhi, says IAS officer Ashok Khemka

There are scope for improvement in his working. He should not have parted from his colleagues Yogendra Yadav and Prashat Bhushan. May be the circumstances were such that it was right to do so or may be not, I can not comment on that. But he should take his team together, though this does not mean compromising on his principles.

There are many corrupt people in this country(not all) and it is but natural for some to get into AAP. Not every MLA of AAP is clean. However, if there are signs of corruption, Kejriwal has the guts to remove them from party. I respect Kejriwal for his vision and the simple yet crucial step his govt takes in making a better Delhi. I see no other party working for these basic amenities lacking in our nation.

I don’t care if they spent Rs 200 crore (which comes to about ~0.4% of Delhi’s budget) in advertisement as long as they are spending ~24% in education and ~14% in health sector. These are small things. People, look at their work. Parties abuse them for spending this much money in ads. For me, these are trivial matters and I really don’t care for these allegations as long as they are doing important work.

Even before AAP, Kejriwal and his team were working in social arena. Sanjay Singh were associated with Coca Cola plant movement in UP. See this old video of his:

They say, in a democracy, you get what you deserve. He is the hero we need but don’t deserve. I hope people of this nation see through the empty promises of political parties and realize that this man is here for our betterment. I challenge people who disagree with me to write an answer listing these many initiatives of any other state government in 3 years of their coming to power. I belong to Haryana and I know Khattar govt. doesn’t stand a chance in front of Kejriwal’s.