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Is it worth investing in Philippines real estate while working here in New Zealand or should I save the money for a business option?

As a Property Investment Consultant here in the Philippines, I suggest that both choices are considerable.

Putting up a Property Investment here in Philippines might give you a 100% return of income for for the next 5–12 years. But putting up a real estate investment gives you two (2) branch of another business as well.

  1. Capital Appreciation – which is my company has a total of 8% of value appreciation annually. Said 8% differs to the value appreciation which might came from intentionally from our Project Development Management. Last September 2017, Bonifacio Global City hit it’s peak making an almost 32% value appreciation within the year.
  2. Rental Investment – residential and office units that are ready for occupancy can be occupied by the biggest and largest companies throughout the globe. ADB is one of good example for a good business partner. 1,000 – 1,200 pesos per square meter is the price range for the prime locations like Makati City and Bonifacio Global City.

Putting or setting aside you financial capacity is good for you to have a choice of good companies investing with. Investing to different companies might lead you also thru ups and downs.

As for my conclusion, since Philippines Market is really bustin’ right now, I suggest to invest in Real Estate for there is no good Real Estate that you will be on the loss-side. It is a win-win process. If you want to know more, let me help you.