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Most Profitable Real Estate Investment Destinations in United States

America’s real estate market has long recovered from the financial slump. People are ready to invest money in real estate on the slightest whiff of profits. That said, not every city or state carries the potential of profit generation in the field of real estate.

In this post, we bring for you the best places to make long term money by investing in commercial and residential property.

Here is the list the of best property investment destinations in the United States;

New York City – The most populous city in the USA tops this list for obvious reasons. The city is the focal point of commerce, finance, fashion, research, entertainment, and education. So, the demand of residential properties and luxury apartments is always there.

Houston – Home prices in the most populous city of Texas are quite impressive from investment point of view. Survey findings published on CNBC states that it is one of the top five cities considered promising for investment by foreign investors.

Trulia however believes that the prices are overvalued. Our recommendation is judge by yourself.  

Philadelphia – The largest city in the State of Pennsylvania has stable housing market & service economy. The status of being one of the most commutable cities in U.S.A also makes it a lucrative real estate destination. Companies like National Realty Investment Advisors are opening highly profitable real estate investment opportunities in the region.

Los Angeles – Rising home prices in the most populous city of California are attracting property investors from all over world. Promise Zone Program from Obama Administration is also adding to the LA lure. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider the city for your first investment home.

San Francisco – The status of leading financial hub has been attracting investors for quite some time but the City and County of San Francisco has more to offer. Its tech industry is growing and attracting more investment. So, make sure you consider this region for your real estate investment.

Washington D.C – The capital of the great nation has its share of charm for real estate investors. The aspiring class is demanding modern living spaces, and developers are happy to please them. So, it wouldn’t hurt to buy an investment home in the area.

Locales are not the only ones looking for property investment opportunities in the USA. Investors of China and Canada are also very much interested in residential and commercial projects.

Do you think any other American state or city deserves a spot in this list? Tell us in the comments section and we will consider it for inclusion.