When you’re growing a real estate business, balancing growth can be one of the hardest parts in the evolution of a real estate team. There comes a day in every

As a new real estate agent, what are some things I simply must be great at?

Electronic stuff. Have all the latest computers, phones, vehicles. Because your competition will have it. Go to a bunch of open houses and see for yourself.

In Cambridge, people would judge you on your choice of vehicle. So much so, that one agent bought a Prius because gasoline is bad here. She felt that people would respond to her better if she wasn’t burning fuel. She may have been right as she was one of the top agents.

When I first started, I had an OK pickup truck. It was a two seater. One of my first customers was a walk-in. I was on front desk duty and they just walked in. A lovely older (wealthy) couple. I was screwed- they wanted to see property that day. I didn’t have time to arrange another vehicle. So, I rented a cab to take us around. They did buy something that day. And, a few months later bought another from me.