Meanwhile, the logistics-related real estate market is also set for growth due to rising exports, growing domestic consumption and a lack of modern facilities.

How can cloud telephony help the real estate industry to grow?

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Cloud Telephony, used in the right way can help you get the next best leads from your Real Estate website. I have mentioned a few features below which just do it for you. You may visit Waybeo: Call Intelligence Platform For Marketers | Call Tracking and let me know your thoughts.

Click to call widgets

Our click to call widgets can be placed across the online marketing channels to increase more inbound calls from the web visits. This enables global connectivity and acts as a toll free service for visitors across the globe.

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Exit Intent widgets

Exit intent widgets can help you convert more leads from visitors who visit the website and exit without making enquiry. Prompting the visitor to drop their number in the last minute has helped our customers to increase 30% more leads which otherwise would have lost.

Once the website is loaded after 1 min, move your mouse pointer towards close button to see the exit intent prompt.

Timer based widgets

When a visitor spends some time in the landing page, we can prompt him with a timer widget after a preset time period.

Forms to call
The delay in responding to a lead within 5 minutes will result in losing 71% of the online leads generated. Our forms to call automation APIs can help you increase more qualified leads. ​Waybeo call APIs will be integrated with the existing forms in the website and landing pages hence can respond to a form filled lead in seconds.

  1. Click to Call Widgets : A simple widget which reads ‘Call Me Now’ Or ‘ Talk to us for Free’ can do wonders for you. These help you to increase the number of Inbound inquiries from your website as potential customers can reach you for free. Many NRI’s , who are serious investors in the Real Estate market of India will reach out to you if they have this option available.
  2. Form to Call automation : You might already be using lead forms on your website. How about getting them automated in such a way that your sales guy gets to talk to this potential customer within minutes of filling up the lead form? Interesting right? The chances of a conversion/site visit are much higher if a potential customer is contacted within minutes.
  3. Follow up Automation : Imagine your telephony system does this task of following up with your customer via Call, Text messages for a defined number of days. Check point #4 for details.
  4. a) User fills the web form

b) An automatic call is placed to the phone number received on the form

c) IVR is played and user is asked to select a language Hindi or English. Call gets connected to Rep.

d) User not answering and/or not pressing the desired language key

e) Send immediate SMS stating the call was from ‘abc Real Estate’ and if the user wants to reach back, the user may call 022XXXXXXX

f) Day 2(Next day) -> SMS Re-targeting 2 times within working hours (2 hours after starting call center & 2 hours before call center close)

g) Day 3 -> SMS retargeting (stating that an auto call will happen in 60 secs) & After 60 secs, make an outbound call

h) Day 4 – Repeat Day 2

i) Day 5 – Repeat Day 3

If the user does not answer and/or press the desired language key even after 5 days of re-targeting, the user will marked as cold lead.