Business interests, particularly grocery stores and the real estate industry, have been pouring money into qualifying two of their own initiatives for the ballot.

Who is the most evil person you’ve met?

My younger sister….. I will try to convey to you, through my story, a pattern of this egotistical, unempathetic, cruel, hateful, and heartless individual. In my book, she is: The most evil person I ever met.

I took care of my father for the better part of 15 years. He was a heavy smoker and had been suffering with emphysema. So when I say I took care of him, I provided him with a clean loving home. I cooked food for, him every day. We both provided good company, for each other. And everyday we did crossword puzzles together.

He had his own place, and he would occasionally drive the 30 miles from my home in Lake Forest, to his home in Lake Elsinore, via Ortega Highway. He would spend several days there, and maybe have my sister come over, if she wasn’t busy. Then she would maybe pull weeds, or whatever piddely chore he had her do. He wanted her company. He wanted her there, so he had someone to talk to. For her, she wanted to finish the chore, as fast as she could, get paid, then be on her way.

She lived 4 blocks from my dad. In the years she lived by him, she never offered to have him, for dinner, or bring him a hot meal. Her husband didn’t care for my father. That wasn’t the point. He was lonely.

We always had great times with my sister and Ron. Don and I got along great with them. So many laughs, great vacations, poker games, and the list goes on and on. We paid for her wedding and catered reception, in my home. We were as close, as sisters and brother-in-laws could be. Did I like my sister? I loved my sister. Until she asked me to go into business with her and Ron.

When my sister came to me and proposed the idea of a business with them, I told her I couldn’t. I said I gave up my flying career. I didn’t want to take on a full time job.

I gave up flying, after the death of our infant daughter. I took some time right after. Then finally going back full time, 3 months later.

Over the course of two years, after her death. I tried to do my job. On again, off again, on again. But the anxiety was killing me, literally. One day my 8 year old daughter came to me. “Mommy would you coach my soccer team?” No I can’t. I don’t know from month to month, where I go or what time I have off. Impossible. She said well then “why don’t you quit?” So I did. I did it so I never had to depend on anyone, to watch my children, even a relative. For it was, in the care of a relative, my little girl drowned. I did it so I never had to receive a phone call, come home, from where ever I was, you have an emergency. I did it to take care of “their” needs. Period

My sister didn’t hear me…..She said Ron needed this company to be a minority owned company. The Females had to be majority owners. We had to set up a charter. When all the paperwork was filed, Ron would be awarded. the contract, with General Telephone. When I finally gave in, 1 week later, she came back to my house. I laid out my conditions, she said yea ok. She never heard a word I said. She said she would be the President, her husband Vice President and I would be the Treasure. Off she went, when she reached her car, she yells I’ll call you when we need to go downtown. Bye

Ron, my sisters husband, had a company, he ran as a C- corporation. So this is how we began, with this company. They didn’t have a great deal of money. So we helped them out. My husband was the chief pilot for a regional carrier, so Ron used his passes to fly back and forth from Washington, and Oregon. We did what we could, and thought, would help.

The first year was dedicated to setting up the company. I can’t remember the circumstances, for the monies, initially received. But when all was said and done, in the first year, they received $70,000, from worked billed,+ $30,000 cash, and car rentals travel privileges from us. We, on the other hand were paid $500. With all the money we had given him for the expansion, of his business, all the time I spent with him in the Northwest, obtaining the permits, licensing, and securing a wharehouse storage facility for this business, we just presumed, we would have been paid, for all the up front monies, we had invested. We would never see this money again.

Don and I decided, it would be in our best interest, to be an S Corporation. We knew, from helping them with tax returns, they were commingling funds. Their bookkeeping was amateurish, very unprofessional, to say the least. Don minored in accounting, in college. He took care of all the books.

We all had an American Express Card. So all purchases, what ever it was, would be tracked, on the print out, we received every month, from American Express.

Don did all the invoicing all the accounts receiveable and payable. I did the traveling, when it was needed.

One day my husband showed me a copy of the American Express Card print out. Ron was spending a shit load of money, at The Home Depot, near his home. There were charges in Oregon as well, at Home Depot. But Oregon is where the majority of the business was generated. So there were know questions, about the Oregon expenditures.

I’m not sure of the circumstances. All I remember is I had to go to my sisters, 30 miles away. I asked Don to ride with me, because I wanted his company. We also wanted to stop and see my mom and stepdad.

We arrived at my sisters, Ron answered the door and asked us inside. When we stepped in, we could see their backyard. They had large picture windows, across the back of the home. We could not help but notice the landscaping. We both looked at each other, eyes wide open. We didn’t have to say a word, the look was enough. We both knew instantly, what all the Home Depot charges were for. It looked like they were trying to duplicate Disneyland. My husband and I were dumbfounded. We didn’t stay long, since we had to pick up our kids from school.

You know we talked about it, all the way home. We kept saying. “How could he be spending this much money.” Using the company credit card! Where is he getting the time to do all this. We just could not believe he was spending, a shit load of money, on their back yard. Trees and lighting a swimming pool, a built in slide. You name it he had it. We too, could not help but notice, the cold shoulder we received, from both of them. Real standoff-ish so to speak. We think they knew what we were thinking. Now they were caught.

  • There is a story within this story. Here it is……….. We had a 59 Volkswagen convertible, that my husband had, since his 16th birthday. Being from Utah, there were a few rust issues, and items that needed attention. We had it completely restored, and had just picked it up from the paint shop. We were very excited to have it back. My daughter had an explorer she drove to school. Her car was broadsided, while she was parked in the driveway of a friend. Her father was the offender, and they were taking care of the repairs. I was supposed to pick up the car. To make a long story short, when she came home for lunch, her car wasn’t available, so she drove the Volkswagen back to school, for one class. She came out from that class, the car was gone. She came home in tears. We called the police. They told us that they would put it out, for everyone to keep an eye out, for this very rare Volkswagen convertible. WE NEVER SAW IT AGAIN. We settled up with the insurance company, for a fifth of what the car was worth. I tell you all of this because, it was after the $10,000.00 insurance check was received, we made a deposit for a 1993 Dodge Viper.

Getting back to my story…….

After Don told Ron, we were picking up a New Dodge Viper, Ron came back with a snide remark.”where are you getting all the money, to buy a Viper. My husband started to tell him. Then Ron hung up. Right after the phone call, my sister called my dad. She told him my husband was stealing money from the company. With that information and the increased tensions, between all parties. Don and I decided to seek counsel.

When we met with our attorney, we brought, balance sheets, bank statements, credit card charges etc…. We pointed out to him, the vast amounts of monies charged to Ron’s American Express Card, at the Home Depot nearest his home. We also told him about the noticeable changes, to their residence, since we were invited there a year earlier. The attorney sent them notice of our intentions. We did not want them to suffer with the liquidation of assets. We wanted the termination of our interest, or involvement hence forth. If they didn’t agree to that or if they were not interested in buying us out, then we had no choice but to liquidate. We only wanted this painful chapter of our life, with them, to be over. Our assets added up to $14,000. A pittance of what we had give to this cause. The attorney drew up the papers. He set a date, accepted by both parties.

When we finally came face to face, Ron was seething. There were questions he told, us in the attorney’s office. The attorney said the questions would be so noted, in a final draft. and he and my sister would receive a revised copy. With that said, the attorney gave Ron the floor.

He said, well where do I start? The attorney said ask them any question. Why had I charged $7,000.00, on a hotel, in Denver Colorado. Why did you charge charge, $300 at a hotel, in Lake Elsinore. Why did you charge food, at this place, and that place, and this place..etc, for $450, for the same time frame. Why were you over by our house. Why were you staying by our house. All of these charges were in the area of their home. But on my card. How about this charge of $510.00 for soccer uniforms? What about $75.00 for a donation.

The attorney asked if I had any response to these questions. He said you have the floor. I told him I did make those charges. Ron says “see I told you she took money.” The attorney said Ron she didn’t interrupt you, let her explain. I said the $7,000.00, was for several rooms at the hotel. Rather than having 20 different families taking the time, to pay with their cards, I would put it on my card, they would pay me back. The charges for the motel room and food was for, our employees, (our mom and step-father). When they came, from the northwest for the holidays. You locked them out They had no place to go, until their trailer was ready. The uniforms were purchased with the card. The parents gave the money back I deposited it. The $75.00 was for the soccer team. I gave the money back. I said if you two could read a bank statement, you could see the money was returned. The attorney stopped it right then. He said he would include the addendum of this conversation. If any of us did not accept what was said. He would have us back. We left. They left.

We called the attorney, he could send the final papers to us, and we would send them back. They could do it the way they wanted it done. But we realized we did not mention the records we had. We needed to be there to sign the final papers. He called them, and set up a meeting. After signing the final papers, the attorney told them that we had all of the business records, 10 legal sized filing boxes, in the hallway, for him to take. It was the paper trail for the company. Payables, receivables, tax returns, every transaction made. catalogued, filed, and meticulously kept, were in those boxes. He was fumming, because he said he didn’t have room in his car, for all these boxes. We told the attorney we were leaving. We went to our car, which was not parked by the attorney’s office. So we thought we would wait until they were gone. What we witnessed was shocking. We saw them put one or two legal sized boxes, in the back seat, of their Trans Am. When that didn’t seemed to work vey well, What we witnessed next, was beyond comprehension. We saw my brother-in-law tossing the rest of the files, in a huge dumpster, next to the building. We were dumbfounded by their little trick. We telephoned the attorney, he came out, saw him. They talked. Then they drove away. Apparently they didn’t care about any of the records, or bookkeeping information he would be needing, come tax time. It was now gone, into the trash.

When my dad came over, a few days after our confrontation, at the attorney’s office. We told him all about, what had transpired, at the law office. How we were treated, the nasty accusations, that were flung at us. And then we told what we witnessed Ron doing, with the filling boxes. He was so pained, at what we had to say, tears were running down his cheeks.

While my dad was with us, he went to visit his Dr. The Dr said he wasn’t well. After that Friday visit, the Dr said he wanted him back Monday, to hospitalize him. My dad left Saturday, he said he would be back.

I kissed him goodbye, then he left. I called my niece, after he left. She was living with him and working near by. I told her he was very sick, if anything happened, I wanted her to call me first. I knew in my heart of hearts, it would be the last time I would see him alive.

I had jury duty that Monday morning. Before I left I told my husband to call my dad and remind him he had an appointment at 4:00. After I was let go from jury service, I called home to see if my dad was there. My hubby said no but he talked with him. He said, he just got out of the shower, and would be leaving shortly. But when I got home around 1:00 my dad wasn’t there. About 4:00 o’clock that Monday, my niece called hysterical. After calming her down, she told me my father had died. She found him outside, lying on the ground, with the battery charge cord, in his hand. When he drove over the Ortega Highway, on that Saturday, he must have turned his lights on, for safety. Then he forgot to turn them off, when he got home. So when he got in the car, that Monday, the car wouldn’t start.

  1. I was out of my mind with grief and sadness. All the way to his house, I kept saying to myself, “why did I let him leave.” We drove to his house, as fast a we could, as if he would somehow still be alive, so I could say l love you one more time, or even good bye, sleep well. When we got there, my sweet niece was so terribly distraught. All I could do was hold her tight, and let her cry along with me. I called my older sister, my niece’s mom. She came over. It was while we waited for the coroner to arrive, she told me, dad had called her and Karen last night(Sunday). She tells me he called to tell her about all the nice things Don and I had done for him. All the places we took him, on our family outings. The cruises we took him on. Taking him to Bouchard Gardens, in British Columbia, Lopez Island, in Washington and his favorite trip of all. It was when my husband took him on one of his overnight trips, to New York City. This is where he got to see the Statue of Liberty. “The thrill of my life,” he told sisters. She said he was crying, relaying the story to her. When I finally reached my other sister. I asked her if dad called her last night. She said yes. I knew what he told her. And I believe she knew, that I also knew. But that was just a guess. I told her that dad had died.
  2. I would be the exeutricx, of my father’s estate. He wanted to be cremated. So I went along with his wishes. At the funeral home, my oldest sister and I were waiting our turn, to see our dad . While waiting for My auntie Jean and aunt Margaret to finish up their time with my father, I step out to talk with the director. When I came back, I joined my sister. Just as we were to move in, Ron and Karen moved in front of us. We were there more than an hour, waiting our turn. We looked over their shoulders. The entire time. And finally I had to take my sister home. Never once being allowed our personal time with our dad.

Being the Executrix, I was in charge of paying any outstanding debts. Putting any money he had in an account to accrue interest. And when the time came, sell assets and split the money four ways. Four ways if I could find my brother. If not it would be split three ways. We tried two years to find him, through the attorney. but sadly I never did find Him. So I split it evenly, with the three of us, less the monies I paid out of my pocket. My sisters got every penny, that was their share, from the probate attorney.

We moved from California, to a retirement community, in Henderson, Nevada. We were trying to get my mom and stepfather to move with us. We had plenty of room and wanted them with us. My mother was in the throes, of the incidious disease known as Alzheimer’s My step father was no more able to take care for her , then my younger sister was, or would. But my step-dad wanted to stay there, with her. When my mother became incontinent, my step-dad had a lady come in, to take care of her. He cared about her very much. But could not give her the care required. Sadly he drank a little to much to care for her.

One afternoon I got a call, from my sister, She told me my stepfather died. Not surprising, cirrhosis of the liver, took his life. She wanted to know if I wanted his ashes. I told her she needed to contact his family and ask them what they wanted to do. And they should take care of his arrangements. I did say I would take mom since my sister worked. She said no you took care of dad I’ll take care of mom.

It wasn’t long after, my stepfather’s death, my sister had “that”woman, my stepfather hired, take care of my mom. She now was taking 24/7 care of my her. And It wasn’t long after that, I started getting phone calls from “that”woman. She started asking for money, to help with my moms care. She was using my mom to pull at my heart strings.

I didn’t talk to my sister and this woman knew it. Also I never gave this woman my cell number. She had to have gotten it from my sister. “I’d never given my sister or this woman my cell phone number” The land line, was the only way, these two people were able to communicate with me.

I was giving this woman money every month, for my mother. I didn’t know what my sister paid her. And I never asked. I sent it anyway. No matter, this woman kept bugging me more and more. It got to the point that I stopped taking her calls. Because, everytime she called, it was always for money.

I didn’t stop sending my mom gifts. I sent Christmas gifts to my mom, always. In 2008, For Mother’s Day I sent my mother some clothes. I assumed she got them, as she always had, in the past. On June 9, my moms birthday, I sent her a gift, signature required. It was received. When my niece called, to ask for this woman’s number, she said she want to call and see if she could go and see grandma.(She has the same birthday as my mom). When she called she asked if she could come over, to see her grandma. When she called, the woman told my niece, her grandma died in March. I didn’t know what to say. She was crying uncontrollably. I was numb. I was shattered. Something we could never comprehend, as was the rest of the family.

I called the bad seed, (my younger sister), hysterical. Why why why I cried, didn’t you tell me, mom died? “Im so serious when I tell you this.” She said: “I didn’t have your number.” “I said you’re a liar”. With that, she hung up, never to be seen or heard, from again. Hateful. She is The Bad Seed, in this family.

  • Why had she treated me, but especially my older sister, with such disdain at the funeral home? We all should have had equal time to say our good bye’s. Once again, we were excluded, from this opportunity. My older sister had never had interaction with Karen. The only time we were together as a family, was at my home, for the holidays. My older sister did nothing to disserve this treatment.
  • Why was Karen and Ron so hateful to my husband and I. Why was she and Ron so nasty to us, when we agreed we would help them start a business. So ungrateful for the 10’s of thousands of dollars cash, time, and effort my husband and I, put into that business.
  • Why was Ron and my sister so hateful toward my father. My father bought her two cars over the years. My father gave her and Ron $20,000.00 cash Twice, Paid her, every time he asked or her help. Why did she ignor him, living only 4 blocks away. Never made him dinner or ever asking him to her home, for dinner.
  • Why was she not giving of my mother’s “things”. Treasures I would loved to have. Things that meant something to me. Not her. I allowed her to take anything she wanted of my father’s. Anything, she wanted. I gave it gladly. It was the right thing to do. I gave her 1/3, of the money, my father had.
  • Why was I not afforded that same respect?

Sadly these questions will never be answered.

She is the most callous, the cruelest, and the most heartless of all. She is: THE MOST EVIL PERSON I EVER MET