According to a CNBC report, the bidders were not gathered by any real estate broker. Instead, machine-learning computers are responsible for consummating

Are real estate agents becoming obsolete?

You can’t eliminate the human element from home buying or selling process completely. Like Jay said, technology can only go so far to help a buyer or seller, it can’t replace an agent during negotiations, showing the house, staging it or completing the paperwork (at least for now).

Think of how much time and energy sellers would have to invest if they had to market their property themselves, find buyers, qualify them and then work with them.

Agents buy and sell houses for a living, normal people don’t.

That being said, there is a problem in real estate and that is the quality of service provided by real estate agents. The market is filled with ‘generalist’ agents in a era where we need specialists. If you want to survive in real estate, you probably only need a licence but if you want to thrive in it, then you need to invest in your skills, knowledge and customer service.

I work for Global Real Estate Licence which helps agents provide better services to their clients by specializing in a real estate niche of their choice.