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2015 Real Estate Websites In The Philippines

This article was originally published at 2015 Real Estate Websites In The Philippines — Calonge-Loria Investments

Like every other article that I make, there’s always a “backstory” in it, I just don’t churn it out like a machine, all for the sake of having content.

Okay… I was doing my Easter Sunday grocery when the idea came to mind. I’ve been in this industry for almost 3 years and I’ve never really come across a list of the real estate websites that are operating in the country (not that I needed to know it back then). So, that evening, I decided to do research and analysis. I was hoping to make it quick, within an hour, but unfortunately, 1 hour became 4 hours of research and analysis. In short, I became engrossed in it.

It’s only this Wednesday that I had the opportunity to write down a summary of what I have found out.

Below is a screenshot of analysis draft.

Yes, you kind of need to use zoom to view the list.

Analyzing their backend data (the ones available in public) was very interesting, to say the least.

It was a bit challenging in the first hour. I was faced with conflicting and most of the times, missing data in regards to the page views, site visits and bounce rate. I wanted to use these 3 factors to quantify the success of the site and aid me in determining their order in the list.

For the webmasters and SEO’s reading this, I’m feeling generous so I’m going to share the tools (toys) that I used to gather data.

Waterfox Addons:
SEO Toolbar by MOZ
SEOQuake Toolbar
Chrome Extentions:
Alexa Traffic Rank

The figures that you see on the screenshot above is the funneled data. Out of all the mess, I just took the simple indicators that I thought would point out the best sites;

1. MOZ Page Authority and Domain Authority. From the MOZ site: “Whereas Page Authority measures the predictive ranking strength of a single page, Domain Authority measures the strength of entire domains or subdomains.”
2. Google PageRank: From Wikipedia: “PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites.”
3. Web Age: Using the site Page on to determine age of domain.
4. Daily Alexa Page Views & Daily Bandwidth: Alexa is not the most accurate tool to measure the data of the websites but it does provide good indication of where it stands. I know it could easily be manipulated BUT determining if it is being manipulated through traffic-sharing websites is also quite easy-you just have to check their backlinks.

After doing all the analysis, I was faced with yet another obstacle! Keyword Ranking. The 1st group you see on the table? Those are the ones ranking for “Philippine Real Estate Websites”.

The 2nd group are the ones ranking for “Philippine Condo For Rent”. The remaining groups were direct searches.
If you’re following my logic, different websites could rank higher on different keywords-and there are thousands of combination of short and longtail keywords that webmasters can play around with. I don’t want to waste my time gathering and analyzing all that. Nope!

In my effort to provide a fair assessment, I did “try” to come up with a formula to make a solid conclusion-it did not pan out.
After factoring everything, I concluded that the best way to provide the Republic of the Philippines with a shortlist of go-to real estate websites is through my first hand user-experience combined with the data that I have gathered.

For simplicity purposes, I have divided it into 3 segments; General sale/rent sites, rental site, foreclosure.


1. Disclaimer: Two of our guest authors on Calonge-Loria Investments are from Lamudi. According to their biography, Lamudi was “launchedin 2013, Lamudi is a global property portal focusing exclusively on emerging markets”. The appeal of Lamudi comes from the fact that its a product of Rocket Internet. These guys are the ones behind the online shopping sites Lazada and Zalora.

Backed by Rocket Internet and (soon, PLDT), Lamudi has deep pockets to spend on digital advertising and web development. That firepower is one of the factors that earned them the top spot on this list, with an average Daily Alexa Pageview of 17,838 and Daily Bandwidth of 13.93 GB (that’s the memory their website spend on a daily average). Of course, they’re the only ones that know the real figure so it would really pique my interest if they release their actual data in public.

As for user-experience, it’s smooth and easy to operate. The properties on their site are expansive, but mostly concentrated here in Manila.
Lastly, and this is what I like… for the “For Saleproperties, they only allow licensed real estate professionals to post listings. In the absence of a centralized MLS in this country, a feature like that is really helpful in providing quality listings and is best for filtering out nuisance “agents”.

2. Property24 is a spin-off of OLX (OnLine eXchange) which bougth The Philippines’ #1 Buy and Sell Website. Do you follow? The Philippines’ #1 Buy and Sell Website was a hugely successful online classifieds market place in the Philippines before being bought by OLX, which “has a presence in over 106 countries” according to Wikipedia.

This was actually a great idea on the part of the OLX management. I have tried using The Philippines’ #1 Buy and Sell Website before to advertise my listings and it was pure hell. SPAM listings was just everywhere and anybody or EVERYBODY could post a property for sale/rent. No license required. Having Property24 as their real estate arm now provides more clarity and a much more tailored fit user-design.

It ranks 2nd in this list with 14,650 Daily Alexa Pageviews and 7.07 GB of Daily Bandwidth (as of 6 Apr 2015).
Property24 have also taken the step of securing the PRC License ID’s of brokers which is admirable. Their Philippine website is still in its infancy, which was established on 1 April 2013. (Oh, wow! belated Happy Anniversary to you guys!)

User-experience is good. Website is NOT responsive though. (For those who don’t know what responsive means, it’s the ability of the website to automatically detect and adjust to the current size of screen. Simple test: Go to your favorite website and adjust your browser’s size, the interface of the page should adapt to the current size of your browser (try it on this site).

Ps. They might get hit by Google’s new algorithm regarding mobile search, but that’s none of my business.

3. According to its corporate info, Real Estate Philippines | Property Finder – MyProperty is created by Get Sold Corporation, a joint venture between Summit Media and Ringier AG. Summit Media (Summit Publishing Co., Inc.) is the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines with more than 20 titles under its umbrella.

It actually came to a surprise that Real Estate Philippines | Property Finder – MyProperty has almost double the amount of Daily Alexa Pageviews compared with the first 2. Its Daily Alexa Pageviews is at 28,267 and a monster of a Daily Bandwidth of 17.34GB! geez! That’s got to cost a pretty penny.

The absolute thing I like about this site is its “Infinite Scrolling” feature. Users would not need to press left or right buttons to switch pages or go to page 1, page 2, page 69 (lol), they would simply scroll down the bottom until they see what they’re looking for. It’s time efficient and doesn’t put too much stress on my browser.

(Okay, now, I’m contemplating of doing the same feature to my real estate page-GREAT JOB TO THE DEV TEAM!-You’re all appreciated in this side of the internet).

The reason why its down at number 3 is although its backed by a huge company, it’s PR doesn’t seem to extend to brokers (or maybe just to me for that matter). I haven’t really “seen” their site just until last Sunday and my first time of using it was a minute ago. Maybe I’ll raise it to the #1 spot in the next installation of this list-who knows?


1. Hands down, Rentpad is the future for residential rental properties. The amount of rental leads being generated by this site alone is phenomenal.
Chux Hizon, the founder of this pure Filipino start-up is disrupting the rental industry. I may sound biased here but as far as I can see, this is a success story in the making. (Yes! You read it first here! exclusive!)

Photos on the site are being shot personally by him and/or his photographers to ensure high-quality. Lead generation comes in 2 forms; email and SMS. Whenever there is an inquiry from a possible tenant, the message is immediately sent to the broker/agent via email and SMS.

The SMS is what sets it apart from the rest. Brokers can be out in the field where internet connection is poor (Go Philippines!) and still receive the inquiry-to which they could respond in a whim. A minute after I receive an SMS lead, I immediately call/text the prospect and bam! booked for viewing, right there and then.

Rentpad is just in its sophomore year and yet, it has helped connect the general community of brokers, property managers, landlords and tenants substantially.

User-design is crisp. User-experience is excellent.


1. This is probably the most comprehensive foreclosure website in the Philippines. According to its About section, the site is owned by Jay Castillo, “a full time real estate investor, real estate broker, and internet marketing practitioner. I started – Your trusted foreclosure investing resource in the Philippines with foreclosed properties listings, auction schedules, and real estate investing tips in 2008 as a tool where I keep all of my listings of foreclosed properties and lessons learned about real estate investing in the Philippines.” – Your trusted foreclosure investing resource in the Philippines with foreclosed properties listings, auction schedules, and real estate investing tips is ultimately the go-to site for investors looking to buy distressed properties. The site features a myriad of real estate resources including Amortization Factor Rate Tables, BIR Zonal Values updates of Public Bidding and Bank Auctions.

Like Rentpad, it has become a great platform to gain niche information. It now provides the public with access to this unique asset. Lamudi and OLX also features foreclosed properties but it doesn’t come close to the ForeclosurePhilippines listings.

It has the age-factor working for it. Easy to understand landing page. Overall, it deserves the spot as the only recommended foreclosure website in the country.

There you have it folks. A shortlist of the go-to real estate websites in the Philippines this 2015. It’s already 3:00AM on my part of the world and I still have work in a few hours.

I may have to update this list soon! SUBSCRIBE so I can keep you posted.

Thanks for reading it this far! More articles to come. Remember to visit our own “awesome” real estate page.