As a modern day real estate business, the most likely place consumers will come across your brand is online. Making a solid first impression is not just ideal,

What is the best real estate marketing tool?

Anything digital is vital for any real estate agent or business. Every major brand has already made the transition from business cards to social networks. Here are the top three digital marketing tools:

  1. Social media – Any real estate business that doesn’t stay digitally up-to-date is not on the right path! Social media is obviously one of the most widespread and, in turn, powerful tools of our day. Take advantage of social media to network, connect, and promote as a real estate agent.
  2. VideosVideos are a powerful for any business to boost its audience engagement, social influence, and, hopefully, sales. You can film property tours of your real estate, offer tips on home-buying to your audience, or simply promote your brand/name with an explainer video. You can look into it more here.
  3. Email – Though not as important as social media, building an email list is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your clients. Emailing lists can often be built through your website or blog. I’d say that blogging is tied with email for one of the three best marketing strategies.

Hope this helps!