It’s a big number but tech ambassadors believe there could be an opportunity to increase the volume by using blockchain to transform real estate transactions.

How do real estate agents and job recruiters avoid being cut out as a middleman?

Real estate agents and job recruiters ARE being cut out as middlemen, slowly right now, but surely.  The Internet with information and transparency at your fingertips has significantly increased buyer (real estate seekers and employers) power.

I think that the erosion is still slow because landlords/employers still want to build long-lasting and trusting business relationships with agents that have come through for them in the past.  As a landlord and employer, you solicit services from professionals, but this probably won’t be the only time you use their services.  So you want to incentivize your agents to continue working for you – by paying them.

If a client is constantly cutting their agent out of the deal, regardless if the agent is aware of it or not, the numbers will discourage the agent from doing business with the client.