Donald Trump may now be president of United States, but the former property developer is still obsessed with real estate. That came through today in Singapore,

Do you think that Trump is excited about attacking North Korea?

Sure. His Republican predecessors in the White House all had their little wars. Ronald Reagan invaded Grenada on the pretext of freeing American medical students being held as hostages. George H. W. Bush went into the Canal Zone on the excuse to arrest Manuel Noriega for drug trafficking and racketeering. Bush, the elder, was also the beneficiary of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait that led to Desert Storm. And George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan in retaliation for 9/11 and the hunt for Osama bin Laden, followed by the second invasion of Iraq in search of fictitious weapons of mass destruction.

Of course President Trump would be excited at the chance of having his own little war. After all, North Korea is ruled by a pipsqueak of a dictator, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Such a small country must be a pushover. Maybe it has some nuclear weapons but no delivery system to hit the US. The superior US Allied led forces should be able to carpet bomb the DMZ and take out most of the artillery facing Seoul, missile launch sites, weapons stockpiles, etc., in hours. Maybe. Absolutely fabulous diversion from Mueller’s investigations.

One cannot assume that Kim is ignorant or stupid. He is a survivor in a den of vipers. Kim has set a baited trap that plays to Trump’s narcissism. It will be the classic The Art of War in action. An excitable Trump will be lured into delivering a destructive, preemptive strike and become the scorn of the international community. Whatever happens, Kim achieves his objectives of having (a) all sanctions removed from North Korea, (b) getting funds from the international community to rebuild his destroyed country, (c) a modus vivendi commitment to never be invaded under a non-aggression pact, and, above all, (d) maintains the Kim Dynasty. In effect, North Korea becomes the Cuba of the Far East.

As for Trump, after causing the deaths of millions in North Korea and of US’s allies in South Korea (and a few thousand US citizens), he becomes the ultimate pariah. Maybe not fame but certainly notoriety for a narcissist.