For those with tiny kitchens, adaptability comes in handy, especially when it comes to storage challenges. Luckily, there’s a lot of great gear to keep perishables

Will you show me pictures of your tiny home?


I will tell you about my tiny house. I bought it so all the cats would be comfortable in our winter.

The six rescue, outdoor females love their tiny house.

It has a steep roof like a chalet. It has a regular door and a cat door.

The tiny house has benches built into all the walls, that double as storage for blankets and towels.

It has a tiny kitchen and a small sink. Storage for cat food and bird food. A table that folds up and down, to prepare meals on. A small refrigerator.

Upstairs, it has two large sky lights and a half loft for sleeping cats.

It is insulated and has solar panels.

Very basic, all wooden paneling inside. Double glazed windows.

Soft memory foam bench tops.

A rope ladder for cats to go upstairs.

A pull down ladder for me.

Outside, the birds asked for tiles on the roof. There are front and back tiny decks.

Water troughs, food troughs, toys in net swings. Thick woolen floor rugs.

The ladies love their tiny house. The windows are tall and meet the padded bench tops. Everyone can look out.

We had a house warming with cat nip, and kangaroo mince, and chicken hearts.

The kittens have all gone to their forever homes. I miss them.

The six ladies who started life as true ferals, have their own house now.

Perhaps I’ll get my bed back?