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How can I start an online real estate business? And what is the things I need to do to promote it?

There is no such thing as an online real estate business.

The reason I say this is because real estate is inherently embedded in the real world due to it being, well, a physical asset. You’re dealing with such a sensitive product and experience for someone—their home and investment.

You need to first spend time with anyone and everyone who breathes real estate or real estate technology. This will save you a ton of time before jumping into it with little idea of which direction to head. Ask them many questions and take notes.

Even if you’re just planning on starting a listing service or some pure online platform, you still need to understand the whole ethos of real estate and how it functions in order to build a successful business around it.

All stakeholders in the Real Estate industry and technology space care immensely about customer service, so the best way to start and promote your real estate business is to provide an amazing experience and work hard to bring in new business that then evangelizes your services:

  • Hustle for your first clients.
  • Do whatever it takes to start getting evangelists. These are your first organic referral channels.
  • Build a robust real estate website optimized for organic search, and with engaging features to capture and convert leads.
  • Plug into platforms either paid or organically such as Zillow, Thumbtack, Nextdoor, and Yelp for new leads.
  • Explore your typical digital marketing channels: Adwords, Paid Social, Content Marketing
  • Attend a local real estate Meetup. Spend time with local government organizations focused on local development and regulation (for example, for me it’s San Francisco Apartment Association or SPUR in the Bay Area).

As Chris Michaud mentioned, transacting on real estate is an emotional process. It’s important you operate in a way that makes each customer feel like they’ve had a personalized, dedicated experience working with you.

You will only grow as much as your service is worth.