The Asian listed property trust sector can’t be ignored. From inception in 2001, it is a sector worth around $260 billion today. With growth now twice that of the US

Topic: InstaOffice

InstaOffice is an office for everyone. We are India’s fastest growing network of Serviced Office Spaces. The Offices may be different, but we promise, your experience with us will always be the same, i.e. a happy one. Our mission is to provide happy offices with a productive working environment to all office goers. We provide custom made work-space solutions, allowing office users to outsource their entire work-space needs and focus on their core business activities. Instaoffice’s strong technology platform allows office seekers to find an InstaOffice anytime, anywhere and for any duration. Additionally, all our offices are curated and managed by us, to ensure you always have the same happy experience no matter which office you walk into. InstaOffice also provides a unique opportunity to its Real Estate partners to monetize vacant properties, and earn a higher rental yield !!!