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How is David S Rose such a workaholic?

There’s an old saying that “if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  My father, also an entrepreneur himself (in real estate development), always maintained that his day-to-day activity was “like getting to play Monopoly with real money”  Today happened to be his 85th birthday, and he’s still going strong, currently developing shopping centers in Ghana, supporting new projects, publishing a book this week, and writing speeches (one of them included this month in Vital Speeches of the Day, along with a few from that guy Obama…)

Similarly, I love what I do so much that the dirty little secret is that I would probably pay to be able to keep doing it. I wake up every morning excited about the day’s possibilities; I find the challenges stimulating, fun, and exactly what I would choose to do if I had the choice. (Oh…wait a minute; I have the choice, and I’m doing what I choose!)

If someone were to force you (or anyone else) to live my life on my schedule, you would probably find it somewhere between ‘insanity’ and ‘cruel and unusual punishment’. But for me, it is fun, fun, fun! I actually like giving speeches, and negotiating deals, and envisioning the future, and advising entrepreneurs, and running a company full of brilliant people, and writing answers on Quora, and teaching, and writing and designing presentations…and changing the world!

So, my guess is that some people might be workaholics out of frustration or necessity or self-flagellation, but for me (as, I would assume, for many other people at the top of their games), it’s work and play and challenge and relaxation all rolled into one. What’s not to like!?