Standoffs with scorpions: The reality of filming in Sub-Saharan Africa. By Brian Gray. However, it is through that lens we can reveal the real subjects of this documentary series are the rural communities in Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda, writes Brian Gray. Nicola Quinn

Where were the aliens during the 2 billion years that Earth was Prime Real estate, with no one around to defend it?

They arrived about 60,000,000 years ago, and found the planet covered with big, scary lizards. So… They flew out to the asteroid belt and found ’em a nice big ‘un.

They snugged the saucer up tight and hit the gas… Pretty soon that ‘ol asteroid was headed right for all those big, scary lizards.

The aliens left, planning to come back after the dust settled.

Unfortunately, when they got home, they discovered that ANOTHER alien race had dropped a big ‘ol asteroid on THEIR planet….