Policy shifts. The real estate industry has taken umbrage and given flak regarding various measures Victoria has proposed to moderate the province’s housing market. Taxes designed to curb speculation and other forms of demand and give local buyers an edge play well to the public, but the unintended consequences

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([1] The top-10 google for ‘NKT’ are: NeuroKinetic Therapy ®, NKT Photonics, NKT Cables, NKT based therapeutics… Kadampa is #9, nearly off the first page. How on earth could people know just from the title which of many NKTs it was referring to… I actually initially thought it was NeuroKinetic Therapy ®, but I went and checked.)


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9/2015 See To what extent are Americans aware of the impact of US Foreign Policy on the Middle East? where I posted some measured constructive suggestions to help some new poster improve their question. No good deed goes unpunished. All of our discussion on how to improve it at Non-Neutral Middle East Question by Nick Moyne on Quora Moderation Should Look at This has also been vanished.