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Which Indian city has the best airport?

Here are short reviews of Airports I’ve flown to or from:

1. Kolkata: (2/5)

Pathetic. While the old terminal was straight out of movies set in the 60s and 70s, the new one exemplifies poor design and thought. Even though it’s one of the newest terminals in India, the NSCBIA Terminal 2’s only saving grace is the beautiful-looking terminal building.

The airport lacks in basic necessities like power sockets (there are none) and baggage scan post check-in, which create a lot of hassle for passengers. There is a long queue for prepaid taxis at peak hours and private operators are almost always out of cars. Poor design features like badly placed walkalators and hidden water fountains are rife everywhere under the roof, which is inscribed with discrete letters from Tagore’s Gitanjali.

On the plus side, the Airport is located within the city and is connected by cheap public transport.

2. Delhi: (4.5/5)

Beautiful, functional, well-placed and huge, Delhi’s T3 is a tourist destination in itself, comparable to Singapore’s Changi. There are no complaints from this beautiful building filled with luxurious amenities and advanced assistance systems, except perhaps the lack of cheap public transport.

3. Bangalore: (4/5)

Does the job, even though it is prone to getting insanely crowded in the morning rush hours. The presence of relatively cheap AC Buses to the city is a blessing, considering its insane distance from the city.

Other airports I’ve seen – Jaipur, Hyderabad and Guwahati – have nothing remarkable in particular.

On the balance, I would say that Delhi’s T3 is a superb combination of convenience and elegance, making it arguably the best airport in India.