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Who are the top real estate agents in North America selling luxury real estate in Latin America?

This is a tough question to answer with a single response. Overall, the best agencies covering the entire region are those associated with the larger luxury auction houses because they have a complete regional presence with a general luxury focus:
That said though, the local operators vary in terms of operational capacity and have varying degrees of service levels in each country. I’ve found that they are also not quite as niche oriented as their brand counterparts in more mature markets.

Your best bet to find a specialist is likely to reduce the scope of your search.  You can go geographic and find for example a luxury agent in the Caribbean ( or a specialized luxury real estate agent in Costa Rica ( or for larger South American clusters I would go by city. You can focus on types of luxury properties as well since agents differ when focusing on city properties versus large estates or coastal luxury homes.

If you’re looking for a broad scope but truly high end service for the entire region, your best bet is to consider the top luxury real estate agents at your international hub. Many of the top agents from NY ( or Los Angeles ( or Florida already have a network of luxury contacts in the regIon, keep a vetted portfolio of luxury properties, and will fly as needed to and with their clients for high end luxury real estate service.