Singapore’s government is making a concerted effort to keep its real estate market competitive in an increasingly technology-driven environment. Technological transformation has disrupted industries around the world, and it’s impacting a range of property sectors. The effects are far-ranging, from the way people buy and

How is it true that Singapore and Hong Kong are cheap, except for real estate?

Nope it’s not true, especially for Singapore, where total price of a car is more expensive, even to the USA !!! Even Hollywood celebrities were shock when they learned about it, thanks to COE (Certificate of Entitlement) which jacked up the price to 2:1 (USA:SG)!!! I personally find that having a meal outside in Hong Kong is slightly more expensive than in Singapore, given by the exchange rates and sometimes the portion of the food given. It’s also depends on where you compare with. For the Western Countries, as well as South Korea and Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong is cheaper, but like the total car prices in Singapore, it’s depending by the item, not totally true for all items. For other countries around the world, apart for the Middle East, Singapore and Hong Kong is Expensive !!! However is not totally true as well, depending on the exchange rates as well as the item to be compared with. But those are generally speaking and should only be taken as a reference.