It would be easy to create a complete list of characteristics and qualities of the ideal real estate agent, but not only would that list be extremely long, the vast majority of those qualities and characteristics would be rather unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Real estate managers and leaders should look for four things

As a new Real Estate agent, what should I look for when looking for a Real Estate Broker?

A real estate agent provides both business and income to a real estate broker. So ask if the real estate broker is willing to invest in you (real-estate agent).

  1. 100% commission should be given to the real-estate agent.
  2. The support, such as association fee, technology fee, desk fee, e&o insurance, should all be free. I think there is enough money for the brokers to not nickle and dime agents. Essentially, a real-estate agent should not be spending a penny to serve a real-estate broker.
  3. Provide education and on job training. This is really important.
  4. Since the real-estate agent is not making money, provide tasks and pay for those tasks, such as if an agent host an open-house or do a showing, give agent some money for the task.
  5. Provide leads and charge for it. This is really the only thing a broker should charge for. Charge is deeply. Let us say a broker has a client. The broker could give that client to the agent. The agent does a lot of field work, while the broker can do the office work, such as writing contract etc. This way agent is learning too. Split the income 50/50.

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