If you thought you missed the boat on the wireless boom-think again. The seeds of telecommunications that have minted billionaires in the U.S. are now budding in the explosively fertile land of Latin America. We’re still only at the start of this game, with wireless telecom spending expected to hit $917 billion by 2020.

What would the most lucrative business for humans be if we colonized other planets, and moons within our solar system?

There are several business which might go about. Here’re a few prominent ones in my mind.


Clearly a winner in the game. With land being what empires, governments and individuals seek the most, real estate has a big time victory.

It’ll start like it did in the times when England was conquering every piece of land it could find on the face of the planet. People would reach the land, plant a flag and claim the land as theirs, protecting it by force. Then after a series of wars, negotiations, retaliations, revolutions and treaties, peace would be made and the claim to the land would be stabilized.

For individuals, it’ll remain a fluctuating asset depending on what are the facilities, potentials and future prospects it offers. It’ll be as good an investment as real estate is on the Earth right now. Maybe even better.


People visit Europe, New Zealand, Singapore, etc for tourism. One of the biggest service industries in the world. The space has a lot of beautiful sights to offer. Saturn’s rings, Io’s volcanoes, Europa’s ice, Jupiter’s giant red spot; the Solar System has multiple beautiful sights to offer. Leaving all aside, just the experience of leaving Earth and going to space is enough for anyone to spend millions for the experience.

Then once these places are established, it won’t take time to set up hotels, restaurants, commercial rockets, etc to be in place to facilitate space tourists. Again, to set these facilities up, one would need land and that’s where real estate comes in again. But staying with tourism, this is going to be one of the most lucrative space businesses.


Space may not be bestowed with all the conditions for life, but it is bestowed with a lot of rich – valuable minerals. Gold, platinum, iron, a lot. With the kind of diverse conditions, specially the ones pertaining to extreme pressures and temperatures, must result in a lot of gemstones and energy-materials. I guess there won’t be any fossils anywhere, but given the amount of volatile materials in the absence of oxygen, it makes way for a lot of non-conservative fuel sources. Maybe some good enough to enable the transportation required for such a scenario.


Imagine watching the Sun go down behind the hills, waiting in wonder, to see the stars light up the sky, only to find the moon, has gleaming new neon letters on it
I’m lovin’ it – now with cheese
The night sky is an excellent opportunity for marketing. Lined up asteroids, neon lighting; considering half the budget of major consumables is in advertising today, pretty soon the Moon would be a scramble of alphabets. Just like the internet was when it came out, before Google cleaned it up of course.