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Which celebrities are rudest to their fans?

One on my friends is BIG Irish cop 6’5” 300 pounds. Real teddy bear but looks EXTREMELY intimidating. He works as a professional body guard to celebs. Said Tom Selleck, Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson were among the nicest and most humble. On the other hand, he said Ted Danson was a real piece of shit. Told my friend to “keep the fans away from him. They’re all scum”. I’ve hated Danson since I heard that.

Regarding Steven Segal. I’ve heard lots about him being a prick. But two guys that I know kicked his ass and embarrassed him good.

Curt Hennig (Mr Perfect) and “Judo” Gene Labelle. Google it and read the stories. You’ll see that Segal isn’t so tough after all.

In addition, I find almost all professional wrestlers to be very nice, especially to their fans. I worked for several years as an attending physician for a MAJOR wrestling organization. I would say about 98% of all pro wrestlers I worked with were very nice and friendly. Of course there were a few Douchebags like in every profession. But these guys put their bodies on the line night after night. It’s scripted but I can assure you the slams and punches are not fake. Their bodies take a beating and they are away from home and family for long times, living in hotels and constantly traveling to entertain people. Yet most are always friendly and responsive to their fans. You will not meet a nicer guy than John Cena. Undertaker is great guy too. A few guys that are not so “fan friendly” are Batista, Bobby Lashley, Bradshaw, Shawn Michaels, and Seth Rollins.

I give All these guys tremendous respect for the job they do in entertaining millions.