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What are efficient ways to get in and stay in shape?

Go to the gym to build muscle, go to the kitchen to lose fat.

Now, I mean “go to the gym” metaphorically to represent “resistance training”.

I’m no meathead gym-buff, but I’m in good shape and have experimented with different things over the years to find the best fit. Unfortunately, Occam’s razor tends to win out when it comes to getting fit and losing body fat – there is no magic answer – it just takes consistent hard work.

Now, I think it’s important to note that just about any fitness plan will give results at some point, but what I’ve found to be the fastest and easiest plan to be is to lift moderately heavy compound exercises and eat around 2–300 calories below your TDEE.

TDEE = Total Daily Energy Expendature – Basically, it’s a crude but effective way to determine how many calories your body needs to maintain itself…not gain nor lose any weight.

For instance, I’m 6′-1″ 190lbs and my TDEE is about 2400 calories (desk job, but exercise 4–5 days a week).

I usually go to the gym and spend 45–60 minutes 4–5 days a week, with 15 minutes of each day spent on a MAJOR compound exercise – squats | deadlifts | bench press | pullups.

I try to eat roughly 2200 calories per day and find that my weight usually maintains itself with moderate strength gains. If I wanted more strength faster, I could eat more, but then undoubtedly gain more fat (which is why avid gym goers will tend to use a bulk / cut cycle).

Basically, in a nutshell, don’t waste time at the gym doing cardio unless you’re looking to just lose weight, because one thing people don’t realize is that cardio burns muscle too. So, when you drop 10 pounds from running, you can bet your bottom dollar half of that weight is muscle you just lost, probably in your upper body.

Do compound lifts at the gym (more than 1 muscle involved in the exercise) and try to intake as many calories as your TDEE.