Real estate marketing was brought to new heights last year, and I was so impressed with the creativity happening out there! With home inventory still very low in many markets, the battle over available listings was fierce, and I don’t see that changing in 2018. As real estate professionals, we must continue bring our “A-game”

Between Texas and California, which real estate market is hotter in 2017–2018?

In other answers, you have some really misguided advice.

“Buy california, it holds up better in downturns” wow, but not true, literally millions got wiped out in the crash in California.

“Buy better school districts” also not true, good school districts crashed hard too.

You know what protects you? Buy a good price to rent ratio. If you can rent the home for more than the mortgage, THAT protects you in a downturn, even if you have to move. Compare any type of property you are looking at with the New York Times Buy verus Rent calculator, and see what some reasonable scenarios look like.