Zamir Kazi, a real estate investor, is well aware of the need for content marketing in this particular space. “Far too many in the real estate space simply still don’t get it when it comes to content marketing,” he says. “I see so many still relying on old school methods vs. things such as social media, blogging and

What are examples of successful real estate marketing campaigns using social media?

How To Get Free Leads From Twitter:

You can actually find free real estate leads on Twitter just by setting up the right searches.

People use Twitter to talk about all parts of the real estate transaction. So you can search Twitter for “Buying a house” “Selling Soon” “Thinking of moving” etc. And find people Tweeting about these things.

Next, you can attract them too you by offering them free guides and resources located on your website.

Leads From YouTube Ads

The next thing you can do is make a quick ad to run on YouTube. Did you know it only costs $.06 cents to get someone to watch a quick video on YouTube???

You can use this to your advantage. Create a quick teaser video telling your local home owners that you need sellers because the market is flooded with buyers.

Then run ads to that with Google Adwords. If you need the play-by-play on this. Click the link in the footer.

I got $2.00 seller leads doing this in Kansas City.

Facebook Groups

This is another favorite tactic of mine…

Find local Facebook groups. And make blog content on your site that marry’s real estate with that groups topic.

Did you find a local ‘mom’s only’ facebook group?

Write a blog post that helps those moms out when it comes to something about moving!!!

Then post the link the group. You’ll get tons of traffic. And they’ll thank you.

LinkedIn Profile Hacking

One of the best things you can do on LinkedIn is view peoples profiles.

Follow these 4 steps right now:

(I’m going to give the example of Dan in Austin, who wants to target firefighters because ? of his clients happen to be firefighters also):

1.) Go to LinkedIN right now.

2.) Click this little “Advanced” tab.  Not many people know about this:

3.) Type in Fire Fighter in “occupation”, and Enter your zip code in “Location”…like this:

4.) Now just click 20 of these profiles.  YOU’RE DONE!!

So what’s this gonna do for you?

When you click on someone’s profile, they get an email saying you viewed their profile.  10-20% of these people will connect back with you.

That’s ALL I want you to do today.

Your real estate homework for the day:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above
  2. Click 20 people

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